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We’d all like to believe that our friend has a good idea of how a particular product we’re interested in works. But what happens when they’d actually admit that they just go by the seat of their pants and hope that what they try works. Amazing! But who has time to read through those pesky manuals? What exactly does purchasing an item under warranty cover?  Isn’t there a video tutorial for that? But the latest version of the product just came out. How does one get a free upgrade? So many questions…. And customer support is right there to help!

What Is Customer Service Support?

Customer Service Support refers to a vast range of services that are geared at assisting the customer in making a decision about a product provided. The customer is encouraged to make a cost-effective and is also advised upon the correct use of the product. 

Assistance can take the form of:

  • Installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Training
  • Planning assistance
  • Upgrading
  • Maintenance
  • Proper disposal of the product

And with the variety of devices, apps and software to interface through, getting assistance has never been easier. Customer service support is aimed at ensuring that the needs of the customer are met so that the customer may enjoy the experience. 

Importance of Customer Service Support 

What is the most important contributor to a company’s success? The CEO, Shareholders, Managers? Surprisingly, the most significant contributor to any business’s success is its customers. Therefore the customer’s experience should be of foremost consideration at every stage of the marketing process. So doing will encourage customer satisfaction, foster customer loyalty and ultimately have these customers become repeat customers. 

Customer Satisfaction

Once the customer feels confident in utilizing your product they will gladly share their experience to encourage others to solicit your business. However, the same is true if the customer has a terrible experience. They will not hesitate to prevent others who may have been interested in your product or discourage others who had a similar negative experience to share their own experiences. It is therefore of the outermost importance that you cultivate, upon interaction with your company’s product, feelings of value and respect.

Foster Customer Loyalty 

Everyone loves quality at a bargain price. The keyword here is quality. You’d be surprised to know that customers are often willing to pay additional fees for quality products and peace of mind. Pay an additional $10 and the package is gift wrapped and delivered on time…. Every time! That’s how business should be done! Then there’s the $3 option which will be delivered two months later and no return of item upon delivery… Which option would you recommend?

Repeat Customers

When a customer receives excellent customer service support they are more likely to return to do business with your company again. It is the experience which they enjoy which keeps them returning for more quality service and support. That way, the amount of money your customers spend at your company will increase. Moreover, if you have your product readily available in quantities which suit your customers’ needs, they surely increase how regularly the purchase your products.

Forms Of Customer Service Support

As previously mentioned, customer service support encompasses a wide range of services that are all geared at maximizing customer satisfaction. Let’s take this opportunity to differentiate a few types of customer services offered. Bear in mind that all support is meant to cater to the needs of the customer.

Technical Support

Technical support refers to the support provided to a customer when utilizing an electronic device. Yes, manuals were included for a reason but not everyone has the eyesight power or understanding capabilities to grasp it all without guidance. The main focus of technical support is to resolve customer issues or difficulties with using their electronic devices. 

Social Media Support

With the innumerable social media platforms available, there are multiple means for customers to gain direct access to you. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like are useful tools to get messages about your product out there. Yet, how are you supposed to respond to all your social media requests and still enhance the products you have for your customers. That is where social media support comes in handy. With a social media manager, your social media can be handled efficiently and effectively to ensure that your customers are not left feeling ignored and unimportant.

Self Service Support

There are customers who love feeling they can independently navigate through a simple purchase, troubleshooting and the entire lot. All they require is access to an information base. Therefore, your B2B agency can help create a bank of common questions or issues customers have come across and the possible solutions for those issues. The format of information made available to the customer varies from audio to visual with images and instructions where applicable to provide the necessary assistance. That way the customer takes charge of the process and learns how to self serve.

Phone Support

Yes, this type of support is the longest standing method of support, the telephone. Today with video conferencing, voice notes, texts, emails and advertisements, phone support is not the most popular. Yet the smartphones and other advanced cellular technology have evolved to a point where the telephone can facilitate much more than just calls. However, when a customer does decide to call, the agent needs to be aware of the details of products available as well as possess excellent communication skills.

Customer Relations vs Customer Service

Customer service as mentioned before are the services that are provided to the customer so that they are able to utilize whatever product or service you offer, effectively, efficiently and correctly. Customer service, although customer-centered, forwards the goals of the company also. Customer relations are fostered through or via customer service. It is as a result of providing customers with a service which facilitates relations between the customer and your company. These relations can, in turn, lead to long-lasting relationships. 

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