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Why Outsource with QCSS?

QCSS has been a leader in the Call Center Industry since 1991. We are a trusted partner & source to align with, for all your Telemarketing and Contact Center needs. We deliver expert strategy that achieves immediate results. Every aspect of our philosophy in our day to day operations set us apart from other call centers and telemarketing firms.

Our People

We are proud to have a team that is experienced, educated and passionate about our mission to serve our clients. We recruit seasoned talent and maintain low attrition


This creates a loyal team to deploy our clients campaigns, lessens the learning curve and enables us to attain consistent results. We have developed a culture of entrepreneurial spirit which ignites personal ownership and inspires enthusiasm to meet our clients goals.

Our Process

We have solid processes in place for every critical operational task. This ensures consistency in our staffing, technology, and redundancy as we become an extension of your brand. 


All of these elements come together to make QCSS – a truly dynamic call center, that sets us apart from our competition. We will help our clients achieve a better customer experience, increased sales and quality interactions. 

Our Training

Our philosophy on training is that it never stops. All of our agents have individual plans designed to excel to each level of proficiency in meeting our clients support goals.


A well developed training and program measurement ensures we stay on the right track and maximize talent. Through monitoring, quality assurance, feedback and award programs, each team member has an opportunity to reach their highest potential.

Our Result

Optimizing 30+ years of experience with best practices leads to achieving repeatable results for our clients. We calibrate with feedback and share valuable insights that go over and above. 


Setting yourself apart to get the results means relentless analyzing and improving to exceed customer expectations. With determination, proper preparation and hard work, we make it possible to create outstanding customer results that help our partners grow.



“We have been with QCSS for 20 months now, and I want you to know that I am most satisfied with our experience.
You have done a terrific job helping us to get things in place, and your customer service representatives have done a good job representing us. I especially want to compliment you on the first month that you had us as a client. You had to deal with You and the customer service representatives did a terrific job overcoming our shortfalls and keeping our customers happy. You did that beginning in the first month. And you have continued doing that since the first month.”

Your Seamless Extension Team, Saving Time, and Helping You Grow.

When you outsource with us you have access to:

  • An Immediate Talent Pool
  • Expert Management Team To Consult on Strategy
  • Program Management & Oversight
  • A Dedicated Extension Of Your Team
  • Reliability & Consistency
  • Inbound & Outbound Service Multi-Channel Capabilities
  • Dedicated and Blended Agent Solutions
  • Rapid Project Deployment
  • Intelligent Analytics
  • Increased Results
  • Robust Technology Systems
  • A customized plug and play model that gets RESULTS!
  • 30+ Years Of Experience!

What is it like when you outsource with QCSS?
This is what our clients have to say…..

Client Testimonials


Customer Service

QCSS’s timely and accurate reporting made our campaign run smoothly and effectively. We are thrilled with their quality of customer service and knowledge of the business.

MB-Arkansas Publishing

Customer Experience

We've heard the experience is professional, and that our company is represented well in the process. It's important to our brand that this process is done in a quality way, so it's been encouraging to hear the positive feedback from clients.


Pipeline Results

QCSS has done a phenomenal job at generating appointments for my sales team! Not only did they help. I highly recommend QCSS to anyone that is looking to build up their pipeline because they have proven to be the most effective and efficient at building and cultivating leads.


Brand Integrity

QCSS has done a phenomenal job at generating appointments for my sales team! Not only did they help. I highly recommend QCSS to anyone that is looking to build up their pipeline because they have proven to be the most effective and efficient at building and cultivating leads.


The QCSS Difference

QCSS has treated each person on a professional and personable level making them feel satisfied with the service. I can rely on the agents to contact me around the clock if there’s an issue needing my attention. The agents never say no or can’t which makes QCSS different from other answering services.



It’s important to have the right technology, team support and supervision to make sure that person is motivated and making good use of every minute. QCSS allows our small business to benefit from the efficiency and effectiveness.


Return on Investment

They deliver a very high level of professionalism and great results for a reasonable price. I get a high-level of service during my campaigns with them, and they are always able to translate my complicated specifications into a high-ROI-generating effort. If you need to hire an outside telemarketing company, you should choose QCSS.

GP-H. Security

Valued Resource Partner

We came back and keep coming back for one simple reason.  They do a fantastic job.  They are affordable, they are professional, they are thorough, and most importantly, they deliver.


Quality Customer Service & Sales

Call Center and Contact Solutions

Established in 1991, QCSS Inc. is a network of multi-channel BPO customer contact centers specializing in inbound and outbound communications. We handle millions of interactions on behalf of our clients annually in our U.S. based contact centers. QCSS is dedicated to providing best-in-class services, to your customers, members, donors, partners, and prospects.

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