Outbound Call Center

QCSS offers a full service solution to your sales & marketing department. Whether you are marketing to businesses or consumers, our specialists…

Content Providers

Since 1991, QCSS has been the “go-to” client engagement and telesales resource for many fortune 1000 companies, including the publishing/content/media world.

Answering Service

Have you considered how many calls come into your office for business that are not tracked for inquiries, leads, and conversion into sales?

Inbound Call Center

QCSS offers 24/7 inbound services. Our unique customer experiences will transform your clients into raving fans- completely satisfied to the fullest…

Other Services

Voice Broadcasting announcements are an inexpensive and effective way to get your message out to thousands of employees, clients…

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Quality Assurance

QCSS has an exceptional Quality Assurance program. Be assured that all of our clients are being serviced with 100% integrity & quality.


What advantages do you gain by implementing a telemarketing campaign? Learn the advantages to outsourcing to a call center and learn why using QCSS as a preferred partner is the…


Our philosophy on training is that it never stops. All of our agents are consistently groomed & taught new techniques to enhance the customer experience.


Our solid proven processes play a very large role in the success that we achieve in our programs.
It Is All About: Nurturing Relationships



Compliance is a very important part of what we do. We make sure that your customers’ privacy & requests ar…


QCSS offers a number of reports so that our clients can understand & measure results.


Our state of the art dialing technology allows us to maximize productivity.


Reliability, scalability and redundancy help us improve our clients productivity and customer interactions, wh…


Interactive Voice Response systems allow your clients & customers to be self sufficient in getting to the …