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Established in 1991, QCSS Inc. is a network of multi-channel customer contact centers specializing in inbound and outbound communications. We handle millions of interactions on behalf  of our clients annually in our U.S. based contact centers.

QCSS is dedicated to providing best-in-class services, to your customers, members, donors, partners, and prospects.


Outbound Call Center

QCSS provides a synergistic full service solution (supplemental or primary) to your sales & marketing departments, whether you are a B2B and B2C company. Our sales agents are highly trained and meticulously managed to be a seamless extension of your company and uncompromising representatives of your brand.

Answering Service

Have you considered how many calls come into your business that are not answered by a live person immediately, let alone tracked for inquiries, leads, and conversion into sales? Basic lack of timely phone reception is one of the most common reasons for missed sales opportunities, and worse, negative consumer reviews and damage to your brand.

Inbound Call Center

QCSS provides 24/7 inbound communication services, with an unrelenting focus on rapid responsiveness, deep product knowledge, and the consistent delivery of a remarkable customer experience, whether in a sales (lead-handling/conversion) or customer service (inquiry/request-handling) capacity that elevates your brand and creates raving fans.

Direct Mail Solutions

We specialize in direct, hand-written mail campaigns tailored to stand out from the noise of digital marketing and deliver tangible, unforgettable messages delivered right to your audience’s doorstep.


We know how to develop the right custom solutions to help you connect with your valued donors and members through conversations that make a difference.

Other Services

Voice Broadcasting announcements are an inexpensive and effective way to get your message out to thousands of employees, clients, or prospects instantly. This service can be used for employee notifications/announcements, new product promotions, emergency/crisis control notifications and alerts, and any other urgent matters.

Contact us today to find out about our full spectrum of customized Inbound and Outbound services that can help your company achieve goals faster!


Quality Assurance

QCSS has an exceptional Quality Assurance program. Be assured that all of our clients are being serviced with 100% integrity & quality.


  • Multi-Channel Inbound Customer Service Support
  • Multi-Touch Outbound Calling Strategies
  • Dedicated and Blended Agent Solutions
  • Rapid Project Deployment
  • Program Management & Oversight
  • Intelligent Analytics
  • Increased Results
  • Robust Technology Systems
  • 30 years of experience!


Cultivating our talent pool from recruiting, training, and retaining of our tenured managers and agent resources is one of the keys to our success. When you already have an experienced team to deploy, we lesson the learning curve which gets us to meeting our client's goals faster.


Our philosophy on training is that it never stops. All of our agents are consistently groomed & taught new techniques to enhance the customer experience


Our solid proven processes play a very large role in the success that we achieve in our programs.

Its All About:

Nurturing Relationships



We know how important it is to be able to protect the privacy of your customers when dealing with highly sensitive and personal information. We can assure you that our agents and our company will do everything in our power to guarantee that your customers are always protected.


Reliability, scalability and redundancy help us improve our clients productivity and customer interactions, while reducing costs.


Our clients are provided with statistics that assist you in evaluating the progress of the campaign, list selection, accuracy, and penetration. Customized reporting allows you to receive advanced statistics about every call.

IVR Systems

QCSS utilizes software that provides a powerful script-enabling tool that incorporates a point-and-click IVR with call flow design functionality. Our state of the art software also contains a Voice Mail application that allows customers to leave a recorded message during long queue times or after hours.


Our dialing technology maximizes productivity by delivering call management, list control, workflow management, and an integrated database. It also has supervision controls that enable us to manage your company’s operation more effectively.

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