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Outsourced Non Profit Telesales, Telemarketing Services, and Handwritten Direct Mail Services

Non Profit Fundraising Specialists


QCSS has been working with Nonprofit leaders for over 30 years to create ,manage and execute fundraising campaigns generate donations and sustaining gifts that impact critical missions for their organizations. From emotionally engaging calling campaigns to creating and fulfilling high response rate, personalized handwritten direct mail, we have the ingredients that can ensure you engage with your donors and truly communicate gratitude. QCSS’s experience allows our nonprofit partners to work with telemarketing regulatory compliance experts so that your program is always in compliance with laws and regulations . We are a PCI certified center that collaborates with our partners on content, strategy and process to innovate your approach.

QCSS offers unprecedented talent, project management, consulting, reporting and best practices to make it faster and easier for you achieve sustaining results!

Nonprofit Marketing Services

  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Lapsed Donor & Member Renewals
  • Sustainer Invites
  • Sustainer Upgrades
  • Sustainer Recapture
  • Add Gift
  • Thank You Calls
  • Event Boosting/Registrations
  • Surveys
  • Answering Services
  • Full Service Inbound CS Support
  • Email Response Management
  • Direct Response support
  • Help Desk
Handwritten Direct Mail
Services & Fulfillment
  • Donor Renewals
  • Appeals
  • Thank You Cards & Continuity programs
  • Acknowledgements
  • Reminders
  • Pledge Cards
  • Newsletters
  • Event Invitations
  • Hand Addressing Envelopes
  • Invoice & Receipt Fulfillment
  • Creation of all stationary, printing, handwriting & mailing services

Nonprofit Handwritten Direct Mail Strategies

Ready to create a more personalized mailing that gets opened and achieves a higher response rate? Watch our explainer video on handwritten mailings here.

Nonprofit Donor Sustainer Programs

Are you ready to start or supercharge a Donor Sustainer Program that helps you achieve sustainable and repeatable donations that are consistent for growing your base for ongoing donations? Watch our Vital Sustainer video to learn how!


"What a tremendous start for our College! The first year results have exceeded our original estimate of total dollars pledged by nearly 100%. The first year conversion rate of 41% is equally gratifying and impressive. You and Your Staff are wonderful! All of the administrative staff of the college are very positive about ARIA /QCSS as well. We hope to have a long and “fruitful” with you and your company..

Increased pledges by 100%


Exceeding goals & higher average gift


"How can I say thank you enough for the outstanding job done by ARIA /QCSS on the University School of Law Annual Fund campaign? Once again, ARIA/QCSS’s professionalism and skills in the telemarketing industry paid off for us. The statistics of the campaign are nothing short of fantastic – increased participation, higher average gift-pledge, and exceeding goal by 27%."

"FYI- Wanted you to see this note we received written on the back of the ARIA/QCSS pledge form. Kudos to your callers! This is what we look for!! Thanks!"

“To both Jane and the young man who called before --- Thank you! How pleasant it is to be asked, “Are you busy or did I catch you at a bad time?” with everything going on in our lives, being hit with rude telephone solicitations is an aggravation I don’t need. I’ve said it before and it bears repeating, the polite, courteous phone manners of the Radio station callers is a big reason for this contribution. “

Donor kudos for courteous callers

Director – Radio Station

Is Your Nonprofit Looking To Improve Fundraising Results?



You have a list of attendees for your upcoming fundraising event and you would like to invite past donors and additional potential donors to learn more about your mission.


You would like to start a conversation with these potential donors to grow your donor base. You may want to start by mailing a hand addressed envelope to get it opened, and a handwritten personal note inside which will truly get their attention to attend.
Next, a telemarketing tactic can be used to reach out by phone to ensure they have saved the date, and convert to a registration. If they are not able to attend, you can ask if they would like to help with a one time gift. Telemarketing and handwritten cards is the perfect way to start engaging and nurturing relationships to maximize attendance to your fundraising event.


Donor & membership renewals are the lifeblood of your organization. You need to remind your donor base about your mission and stay engaged to keep your retention high. 


You need to create a continuity program and you vary your reminder or general communications. Digital renewals sent from your email marketing system are not yielding the gifts needed and are often ignored or go into spam.. You need to call your donors to reach them live, engage and remind them of why they should be stewards of your mission. You need a resource that has experience that can represent your nonprofit and engage with your donor to renew their commitment with a gift.. You would like to get a solid ROI where the campaign more than funds itself with a healthy return.

Direct Mail

Typically you have sent mailings that are laser printed and your response rate has been average. You are trying to renew donors or members to commit to their yearly gift 


additional gift appeal or just a thank you note. You want to personalize something even more special that will actually get opened with a higher percentage response. You would like to make them feel recognized and adding a personal note would really give a great impression that you went the extra mile. You would like to include a note and have it authentically hand addressed and hand stamped. A communication that will create engagement and loyalty to your mission.


Every month you have donors that are coming up to renew their commitment from last year.. This is a perfect time to invite them over the phone or a handwritten personalized card 


to upgrade to a sustaining monthly gift. Sustainer programs save future marketing costs and guarantees your nonprofit of a solid base of income for your mission. Whether making calls or sending a handwritten mailing you can always revert to asking for a one-time gift. You may also have a list of past donors that were sustainers that may have fallen off of their monthly gift due to change in credit card. A sustainer recapture campaign has a high success rate to engage the donor, and convert to a new form of payment or a one-time gift.

Nonprofit Case Study Results

How QCSS Helped A Nonprofit With Sustainer Invite Campaigns That Yielded  New Monthly Ongoing Gifts


Campaign yielded $256,412.00 in new sustainer invites along with one-time gifts.

“Will Consider” Follow-up

The nonprofit also integrated handwritten “will consider” pledge card that were personalized mailings and automatically sent out by QCSS handwritten direct mail fulfillment division.


As a part of the campaign, QCSS downloaded donor information daily and sent out a personalized thank you cards for the donors that upgraded to a sustaining gift with one message and another card with a different message for one-time gifts. Our nonprofit was able to complete all tasks easily through our integrated calls and cards continuity program.


Throughout the campaign our Nonprofit client enjoyed the easy accessible online reporting system. They were able to see conversion metrics and how specific donor segments were performing in addition to pledges per hour. They also met with their knowledgeable Client Services Project Manager who shared additional updates, feedback, and suggestions for continuous improvement.


Donors were appreciative of the personal touch and those not wanting to pledge to a sustainer program, were happy to offer a one-time gift.

What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing

Your Fundraising Campaigns With QCSS?

  • Project Management
  • Scalable strategies focused on your success
  • Call guide development based on proven content strategy
  • Experienced , tenured US based agent resources
  • PCI Certified
  • Right sized solutions for projects vs handling In-house
  • Continuity solutions for monthly renewal calls or mailings 
  • More efficiencies through dialing capabilities = results
  • Centralized answering solutions with blended staff
  • Easily measure campaign results
  • Produce high volume handwritten mailings
  • Simplicity of process and fulfillment
  • Integrated telemarketing program and mailings
  • Hand addressing strategy available for increasing open rate