And What Do I Do With the Results of Data Process Engineering?

Every decade has its thing. There was Management By Objectives, Total Quality Management, Strategic Planning, One-to-One Marketing… all of them useful, none of them a panacea.

“Today we have various forms of Data Process Engineering. Perhaps the most familiar are called sales funnels and sales pipelines”

The idea is to start with everybody in the world, and then, using data management, sift and winnow that list down to a manageable number of people or companies that are good prospects for your company.

Then what?

That’s where it gets interesting. There are an abundance of consultants who will be very happy to help you try to harvest prospects from those lists. A popular approach is to use data gleaned from, say, LinkedIn to identify people of interest. Then, acting as you, the consultants send many, many messages requesting to connect to that person.

Since most people are pretty nice, and since LinkedIn is kind of like a club, many people are happy to connect with you. At that point you start to post many brilliant things on LinkedIn with the hope that your new buddies will see the posts and contact you. You may wait for a while for that to happen.

So, there you sit. Maybe 500 prospects who are now LinkedIn connections who may be reading some of your posts.

What do you do next?

At that point it feels like the pipeline is plugged and the funnel is jammed.

You could call those 500 people. No, really! You could!

But you won’t.

You could send a nice note to those 500 people suggesting that you set-up a phone meeting.
But you won’t do that either.

Or you could partner with a firm that makes appointment phone calls and sends handwritten notes on your behalf. That would be QCSS.

QCSS is in the business of providing a friendly voice and a personal hand in reaching out to those special people who might someday be your customers.

Look: chances are you’ve paid a fair amount of money for those 500 prospects. Take the next step to find the best of them, and make the personal connections you need to bring them on board as clients.

After all, all the Data Process Engineering in the world won’t do a thing without your knowledge and understanding of your clients’ needs. QCSS can help you get the conversation started.

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And, just in case you wondered, number seven above really happened!

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