It’s another busy day at your health care office. The phone is ringing, every minute it seems, but your highly trained staff are unable to sufficiently manage the calls flooding in. Patients are walking in needing varying levels of medical attention. This means that to assist everyone, as they need to be, all hands on deck are needed. The fact is, the phone line is the only lifeline some clients have to reach out to get what they need. Unanswered calls ultimately mean a loss of potential clients and opportunities. Plus, those unanswered calls aren’t helping with your customer service ratings. Isn’t it about time you considered outsourcing to a healthcare contact center?

What Services Do Healthcare Call Centers Provide?

As the name suggests, a healthcare contact center is geared at giving your business the support required for success. Such a call center provides the essential services to ensure the smooth flow of your office duties and the influx of patients. To achieve this, healthcare contact centers provide:

  • Patient Support

Your selected B2B Healthcare call center can provide the assistance and moral support patients may require before or after their visit to your establishment. These call operators can provide directions, information about various procedures and other relevant information requested.

  • Patient Registration And Scheduling

Perhaps your institution offers a specialized service which attracts a daily influx of clients. Your selected healthcare call center operators can easily assist in registering new clients, updating the information of existing clients, and scheduling appointments directly to your business’ calendar.

  • Billing And Collections

Maintaining up to date records can be a challenge when your healthcare facility caters to a large volume of clients daily. It’s easy for a client to not receive the relevant billing information or for your organization to not be compensated for work done. Billing and collections could also be tasks given to your B2B healthcare call center operatives to ensure your facility is compensated for the services provided.

  • Customer Service Monitoring

Customer reviews have quite an impact when clients are searching for an institution that can cater to their medical needs. Your B2B healthcare contact center can easily conduct the surveys and review the data submitted to provide useful feedback. This feedback can be used to consider improvements that can be made to improve your clients’ experience at your health facility.

Benefits Of A Healthcare Call Center

With the previously mentioned services, you can also add saving your institution money to that list. A B2B healthcare contact center can assist in earning revenue for your healthcare institution as they are equipped with the revenue cycle management (RCM) software to do so. 

Providing RCM support for your institution means that your B2B healthcare call center will:

  • Provide a comfortable customer service experience for your clients. They will assist clients along each stage, from registration to scheduling and any further information required via phone.
  • Compile patient information into individual files to connect business and administrative data. That way each patient’s personal information, insurance,  treatments, and other health-related data is readily available for your healthcare institution’s use.
  • Perform the collections for your healthcare institution’s revenue cycle by performing tasks such as third party follow-up, claim submissions, charge capture and coding.

Additionally, your B2B healthcare call center can assist with multichannel customer engagement. Customers utilize a variety of platforms to actively engage with healthcare providers. 87% of customers use their emails at least once a day, 51% actively engage via texts, and 63% use Facebook weekly. Therefore, it is important that your institution is available for interfacing via multi-channels such as mobile, social media, and desktop. 

With the help of your B2B healthcare call center your institution will benefit further from:

  • Reports from your selected B2B which create an awareness of who your customers are on a holistic level. The who, what, why, when and where questions shall be presented to you so that you know your clients and are ready to facilitate their journey. 
  • Development and distribution of a variety of marketing campaigns via different media platforms to engage and attract patients to your facility.

Simply put, a B2B healthcare contact center is the missing link necessary to provide the exceptional customer service experience your clients deserve. This will, in turn, reflect an increase in revenue for your facility. Are you ready to partner up with the right B2B healthcare contact center? Contact us today!