A lot of people who work in development – or, as most people would say, fundraising. The hours can be long and most people in that role are doing a couple of jobs without much support. So, it’s not surprising that now and then a little something might go wrong.

Here is a Letterman-esque list of things that just might happen. One of them (maybe more, for all we know) actually happened. See if you can guess which one. The answer is at the end of this post.

10. Sending a mail-merge letter to 25,000 people with the first name field off by one. It’s not really good personalization when everybody has the wrong first name.

9. Sharing your pretend, profanity-laced response to a testy note from an angry donor with staff members. Accidentally also sending it to the angry donor. Blowing off steam might be good, but email is an accident waiting to happen.

8. Including a side of beef as a prize in a benefit sweepstakes… for an animal rights group. On the other hand, who ever heard of a side of soy?

7. Printing 100,000 pieces of letterhead with the “L” accidentally left out of the word “PUBLIC.” Not good.

6. Unknowingly scheduling a gala event on the night of the Superbowl. Just because you’re too busy to know what the rest of the world is doing…

5. Sponsoring a coast-to-coast skateboard ride by a 21-year-old who quits when he finds out that there are mountains. Dude!

4. Serving wine, but no snacks, at a board meeting, resulting in the police and an ambulance being called. The pro and anti-endowment people finally had it out.

3. Hiring a bargain telemarketing firm whose callers routinely mispronounce the name of your organization, among other things. All companies are not created or managed equally.

2. Choosing a philanthropist of the year who turns out also to be the philanderer of the year. Plus, all his contributions were in crypto currency which may or may not end up costing you money. But he seemed really nice!

1. Mistakenly ordering 100,000 tote bags with your logo instead of 100. That’s a lifetime supply for a lot of people’s lives!

This list could go on and on. Everybody makes mistakes, and non-profit staff are not immune. Workloads and not enough support sometimes contribute to these little errors.

But non-profits do a lot of things right.

Most of all, they have missions to do something positive in the world, and they work hard to raise the money needed to support those missions.

Non-profits are often reluctant to bring on more staff, but instead, they can find a partner to help with donor outreach, inbound donor services, and reaching out to past donors to seek their help again.

Aria-QCSS has been serving non-profits in those and other ways since 1985, and we continue to provide personal, live phone calls (not robo-calls) professional inbound service, and hand-addressed mailings for fundraising and thank-yous.

Contact us at: 888.229.7046 or email us at sales@qcssinc.com

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And, just in case you wondered, number seven above really happened!