The Value Of Data-Driven Insights For Contact Centers

September 24

“Thank you for calling. Please listen carefully because our menu has recently changed.” 

We’ve all heard this greeting, but most callers aren’t aware that it’s not just the menu that has recently changed. The technology, processes, and workforce management efficiencies at contact centers have all undergone recent upgrades. Advanced capabilities are now possible due to data-driven insights which are valuable to contact centers for multiple reasons: 

With the aid of automated systems, contact center agents can match callers to their customer records. 

The ability to leverage the information that is known about a customer allows agents to proactively offer additional services or look for upsell opportunities. An understanding of call patterns and why and when customers call helps contact centers with scheduling. Some agents are good at upsells while others excel at service recovery or making upset customers happy. The best salespeople should be scheduled at peak sales times. Matching employee skill sets to customer demands increases the opportunities to sell or upsell, improves loyalty, increases revenue, and improves customer satisfaction. When you understand your agents’ training and skill sets, you can route calls to the agents who can provide the best service and efficiently plan for your training and staffing needs. This makes your whole operation more effective, a win-win for the customers and the company.

Leveraging data-driven insights helps contact centers become more efficient which, in turn, helps customers.

Data insights can also save customers from having to repeat their questions to multiple agents. Repetition is annoying for callers and costly for companies. Every second that a customer is on the phone has a cost associated with it. The more efficiently an interaction can be resolved, the less costly it is.

QCSS helps clients understand what their call drivers are and leverage data-driven customer insights to better forecast call volume and arrival patterns. Understanding customers and why they are calling not only improves customer service, it also improves efficiency, helps with budgeting and planning, and helps clients get the right employees in the right place at the right time. Data-driven customer insights allow companies to become better staffed, provide better training, and be better prepared. This leads to increases in opportunities to delight customers with proactive service.

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