The Benefits of A Good Business Reputation

August 25

Having a positive online reputation leads to higher trust, more credibility, better talent, and less risk.

Your online business reputation matters now more than ever. Getting found on the first page of a Google search is one thing, but what your leads see when they find you is another. Naturally we are more inclined to trust a vendor or company who has many glowing 5-star reviews, over one with multiple 3-star reviews. And your potential customers are no different!

Whether it’s through SEO, social media, YouTube, or others, we want to tell you why you should prioritize building up and leveraging your positive reputation online.

1. Higher Trust

Without a doubt, the most important thing you can build between yourself and your customer is trust! They want to feel like you know them and care for them. Once this has been achieved, they become comfortable with giving you some of their hard-earned money in exchange for the promises your company makes. Just be absolutely sure that you’re delivering on your promises — Because trust can take a lifetime to build, and yet destroyed in an instant. 

2. Increased Profits

Well, what sort of entrepreneur doesn’t want this one? It’s a great thing when your business is thriving! Your sales can actually be a metric for driving your positive reputation, because social proof really does work. Use your past and present successes to ensure your future victory. 

3. Less Risk

Once your positive reputation has been established, your product will begin selling itself to a degree. This means you won’t have to push as hard to sell your future products, because your target market knows and trusts you!

4. Gentler Treatment

Your view in the public eye is everything. As you gain and retain your positive reputation, your consumer will be more forgiving of mistakes in the future. Just look at Apple — A company whose positive reputation is so immense, they’ve managed to navigate through design and functionality issues in their products with very few lasting PR blemishes! On a smaller scale, your customer service reps will also be less frustrated, and be able to continue doing their best work for you!

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