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Arthur Miller’s Play, ‘Death of the Salesman’ sheds light on the plight of the traveling salesman. In a time when phone calls were a complicated and costly process, the job of the traveling salesman was uncertain. Though one fictional tragic salesman did meet his unfortunate end, so-doing brought life to a different version of the salesman in modern-day reality. May we now introduce, without further delay – Telemarketing services.  What are these – telemarketing services? To be summarized in a sentence – An opportunity for your business to grow and expand your customer outreach without doing all the groundwork yourself. 

What Are Telemarketing Services?

You already have a great product or service. Now you need customers who will benefit from that product or service you are offering. Are you prepared to call those 500 potential customers? How are you supposed to handle those calls, schedule your meetings, and deliver on services requested? The crystal ball predicts a steady stream of 24-hour days ahead. Yet are you aware that there are telemarketers who are willing to find you that inch in, you’ll certainly benefit from?

Telemarketing services perform the duties of the archaic traveling salesman, in the modern-day. Simply put, telemarketing services strategically market products or services by calling and or video conferencing. This is achieved through the use of phones or the internet. Thus the consultant is able to contact prospective customers via the phone or other means of communication such as emails. Services provided through telemarketing include:

  • Appointment Setting
  • Lead Generation 
  • Email Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Verification of Data Services
  • Digital Marketing

Outbound Telemarketing Services

Outbound telemarketing is a dynamic sales approach used by your company’s telemarketers to maintain and grow your customer base. As an employee of your institution, they have access to customer database which can help them assess customer information, purchases, and patterns. That way they are able to target groups of customers to solicit their purchase of your service or product. 

If, however, your business may not have such a team of telemarketers to perform such a task. Outbound telemarketing services are available to cater to this task for you. Once your customer database is available, the information can be analyzed to identify a range of information. This list may include information pertaining to:

  • The problems customers experienced which may have caused them to discontinue their use of your business. A thorough inquiry may very well provide useful and timely solutions and suggestions. 
  • What items customers usually purchase to identify which products may need to be replenished more often; which accessories could be also marketed, etc
  • Addressing client needs which if left unattended may lead to loss of customers and potential customers. Maintaining customer satisfaction levels is the key focus of outbound telemarketing services.

Inbound Telemarketing Services

Inbound Telemarketing Services are geared at answering customer calls. I’m certain that you’ve seen those toll free numbers at the end of a TV commercial. That’s the sort of traffic we’re referring to here. Can you imagine the exact commercial is played on the television screen of countless individuals at the same moment? 

What if, being modest here, a thousand people decide to call at that exact minute??? Inbound telemarketing services cater to the needs of these potential or returning customers. In so doing, these customers can have someone available immediately to facilitate their purchase of or inquiry into the product or service your business is offering.

B2B Telemarketing Services

B2B??? This creative acronym simply means Business to Business. B2B Telemarketing Services occurs when you allow the experts of a telemarketing business to provide you with the guidance and assistance needed to scale your business. Working as a team, your business has a greater opportunity for growth and development.

Perhaps you just don’t have the manpower available to handle all the calls which may come about once your product has been shipped off. With the assistance of the right telemarketing services provider, your business can extend its reach immensely. 

Telemarketing Services For Small Businesses

Small businesses that have dreams of growth and scaling their brand would surely benefit from telemarketing services. Here are a few ways in which telemarketing services can help you scale your small business. Scale my business? Yes. By merely outsourcing to the right telemarketing service you can help your business, in a few of the following ways:

  • Quality Control Alert

Outsourcing to telemarketing services gives your business the opportunity to focus on making sure the product or service available is up to date with customer satisfaction. Unsatisfied customers are usually not returning customers.

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

A greater level of satisfied customers would be sure to result when there is someone there to answer their call. With 24/7 telemarketing services available, time zones should not be a factor when a customer needs an issue resolved. That extra service would surely be an encouragement to be a return customer.

  • Lead Generation

Greater leads would be available which you would not have to search for yourself. Provide an outline of what type of customers you wish to target and information about the product or service your business provides. That simple.

  • Insightful Feedback 

Remember, feedback provides an opportunity to improve. Useful feedback can serve as a means through which necessary corrections can be made. Additionally, the quality of the calls made on your behalf is also monitored to ensure that your customers receive the best possible service, on your behalf. 

Which of the telemarketing services mentioned would suit the needs of your growing business? We are eager to know which one or combination would work best to suit your business needs.

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