At QCSS we understand the importance of inbound lead generation! Every call into your company is an opportunity to interface with your most qualified leads. We will service your inbound calls prospects promptly and professionally, leaving your customers & clients with a feeling of total satisfaction..

Our Inbound Services include:

Customer Service

Anyone that has a toll free number knows that providing good customer service can be a difficult task. Make sure that all your clients & customers are serviced to the fullest with our inbound customer services. Whether it’s tracking a package, trouble shooting, store location, warranties, or general questions our Inbound Specialists will take great care of your customers. We also offer DNIS code reporting to help you understand what advertising Medias are working the best.

Help/Service Desk - Level 1-Level 2

World Class Technical Support with Knowledgebase Integration. We maintain the highest level of support for your products and services At QCSS, “Where the only call that matters is yours” every time the phone rings, we answer seamlessly as your company promptly to give the customer the attention they demand and deserve. Why not capture every call, every time to grow your business with happy customers, converting them into raving fans from the first moment and every time they dial your number.

Inbound Event Registration

Allow your invited guests to register to call and speak with a professional to register or confirm registration for your events or seminars. Our representative will look up their registration to confirm details or capture the registration on the spot.

Q-PAS (Professional Answering Services)

Have you thought about how many calls come into your office for business that is not tracked for inquiries, leads, and conversion into sales? Are you leaving customers waiting, having to leave a message and not answering your calls consistently and professionally? The number one reason a new potential buyer of your product or service will find another provider is due to lack of immediate attention, making them feel as if their call and ultimately their business doesn’t matter to you.

Direct Advertising Response

Every marketing piece that you send out will always have an 800 number- make sure that someone is always there to answer that call timely. Our reps will be trained to respond to all of your calls based on each individual advertisement your company does. Our top of the line technology allows us to show you reporting by Media Category- so you can best analyze, which advertisements achieve the desired results.
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The QCSS Client Engagement Model is made of these crucial elements:

Trust Building

Listening Skills


Honesty & Integrity


Solid Communication






QCSS Women Business Certification


QCSS Inbound Process


Quality Customer Service & Sales