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Sales Training for Consultants, Startups, and Sales Teams

As a QCSS Sales Mastery™ client, you will develop the sales expertise, confidence, and discipline needed to fuel your career and your business.

It's possible to develop sales skills

Our collaborative sales training cohorts, unlimited one on one coaching, and leadership consulting, strengthen your sales organization at all levels to win clients in today’s complex market.

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Need Help Selling? That's What We Do.

In just the past three years, the complexity of sales seems to have gone off the chart. Engaging qualified prospects is harder than ever. The current economy is driving “no decision” with greater frequency. Retaining clients has become a 12 month process. Procurement and RFP's stifle your ability to offer your best value. 

Are you running a startup and doing all the selling? We get that your plate is full and can help you optimize your selling time.

How about consulting? You are a subject matter expert with years of experience. But selling is not a core skill. And when you get a good client project, all your focus goes there, while your new client development suffers.

There is good news! You're not alone! QCSS Sales Mastery helps consultants and startups, just like you. 

Are these sales challenges familiar?

  • Difficulty engaging qualified prospects
  • Losing deals to no decision too often
  • Struggling to retain clients
  • Landing in front of Procurement, yet again
  • Competing on price versus value

The QCSS Sales Mastery Solution

Professional Salesperson using strategy, process and tools

It is definitely possible to solve sales challenges like these. 

Most sales challenges boil down to your sales strategy and process. The best salespeople never wing it. They show up, prepared with a plan and an authentic desire to help their client. QCSS Sales Mastery can help you do the same.

The answer to most business problems revolves around three things: strategy, process, and tools. The solution to sales challenges is no different.

The QCSS Sales Mastery program will help you get laser focused on the things that matter most. Sales Mastery will show you the client-centric sales process that has worked for hundreds of Sales Mastery alumni. We will give you simple but effective tools to help you establish repeatable sales habits. 

Our Sales Training Solutions

Sales Mastery for Consultants and Startups

You’re an expert in your field. You just started a business. Maybe you just left corporate to hang out your own shingle. You’re great at what you do but need help selling. This program was designed with you in mind. You will learn the sales processes and develop the skills that lead to trusted client relationships.

Consultant confident in ability to sell

Sales Mastery for Enterprise Salespeople

Strong sales teams drive growth. These teams quickly earn trust due to their clear and steady approach to helping clients. They’ve done this before. The client knows it’s not their first rodeo. Sales process. Skills. Relationship development. Confidence. Your Sales Team will gain the ability to consistently convert opportunities into revenue.

Enterprise Salesperson shaking hands on a deal

Sales Leadership Mastery™

Strong sales teams have strong leaders. Our Sales Leadership program develops processes and skills around the business of sales. Recruiting and retaining the best sales talent. Coaching and developing salespeople to excel. Measuring performance for impact. That’s job of a strong sales leader.

Sales Leader working with the sales team

Sales Mastery Consulting™

Is it time for your mid-market business to grow at scale? Have you set a goal for significant growth over the next three years? That means getting Executive Leadership, Sales, HR, and L&D on the same page around the three sustainable growth pillars: Strategy, Talent, and Technology. Our senior consultants will help your business structure sales operations for growth.

Senior Executive confident in her investments in the sales function

Businesses Our Sales Coaches Serve

Our sales training solutions are tailored for individuals, startups, and mid-size businesses who believe that sharpening sales capabilities is the path to growth.

Consultants & Startups

The best feeling is when you've done a great job for a client. Our client-centric process elevates trust to open your client to the expertise you can offer.

Manufacturing Sales

Multiple decision-makers, all with their own needs. You'll gain the account planning skills to win in a complex, dynamic environment.

Technology & IT Sales

Okay, you have great technology and the best service team. We'll help you align your value to your client's most compelling challenges.

Financial & Professional Services Sales

You can meet client's ordinary needs, as well as solve the tough issues. We help you leverage that to open doors to meaningful conversations that build value-based client relationships.

Sales Leadership Development

You're a star salesperson and seeking more responsibility. Our sales leadership program will give you the skills so you're ready for the responsibility. Skills like recruiting, coaching, and leading.

Sales Consulting for
Executive Management

You are looking for growth. Maybe from $3 - 10M or from $15 - 50M. We can help you plan, structure, and run your sales operations to make sure you hit your short and long-term objectives. 

About QCSS Sales Mastery

Delivering Sales Training and Consulting Since 2001

Sales Mastery is the flagship sales training platform of Samurai Business Group, founded in 2001. In 2022, QCSS acquired Samurai to expand its portfolio of high quality customer service and sales capabilities.

Then and now, the focus of Sales Mastery is to work with you and your teams to develop the sales competencies required to help your clients buy using our Buying Decision Model™. Our approach to sales is client centric, emphasizing trust and service as the keys to a mutually beneficial client relationship.

QCSS strives to be an effective partner to help you navigate continuous change in today's market. Change brings impact and opportunity. Our goal is to equip you to manage both with front-office services that drive growth.

Some of what you can expect from sales mastery
Highly Personalized Approach to Sales Training

Just as we advise our clients, we work to develop a close, trusted relationship with clients as a way of delivering our best.

Sales Training Cohorts for Life-long Relationships

The training cohort amplifies the impact of training through active engagement with a variety of people and skills. Think rising tide. 

Unlimited* Coaching for Sales Reps and Sales Leaders

Sales Coaching helps clients apply sales skills to real situations. Prep for and debrief client meetings. Success breeds confidence.

Go-to-market Experience with a Personal Touch

The QCSS team merges the best of legacy and modern sales practices with a personal investment in your success.

Solutions that Scale as You Grow

From individual to team to executive sales solutions, QCSS Sales Mastery is a right fit partner for you now and as you grow.

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