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Sales Training for Enterprise Salespeople

Level-up the capabilities of your growing sales team to exceed their goals, your goals, and your CEO’s goals.

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QCSS Sales Mastery will give your sales team the skills to foster trusted relationships with prospects and clients, positioning them to win the best opportunities in your market.

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It's possible to develop sales skills

Sales is a skill that anyone, who will work for it, can learn and master

With the ongoing training they provide, Sales Mastery plays a key role in all our results. I truly appreciate their passion for helping our salespeople learn how to build trust with our customers.

Len Katz

Senior Leadership Team

Wausau Homes

Buyers' perceptions of skills salespeople possess*


of buyers consider salespeople skilled at leading a thorough discovery session


of buyers think salespeople can help them solve their biggest challenges


of buyers are confident their sales people are adept at making a case for ROI

The good news is a dedicated sales exec can learn the sales skills to excel in each of these areas

* According to recent studies. Contact Sales Mastery to discuss.

QCSS Sales Mastery

Sales training designed for high client trust

Client trust is the single most important contributor to sales success. No trust, no deal. The best salespeople show up prepared. They demonstrate authentic interest. The questions they ask make the client think.

These are among the trust building skills your sales team will develop in Sales Mastery.

Clients will not be sold to, period

But clients will buy solutions to accomplish their personal and company goals. And they will buy from someone they trust. A rep who is professional, credible, and expands their thinking.

The Buyer Decision Model™

Clients face a ton of complexity making a buy decision. The best salespeople know how to make that easier and support clients on the journey. Clients reward them with their trust.

Client Trust and Relationship

Clients can tell if you are in it for the long haul or a quick sale. A salesperson signals this in how they act, what they ask, and what they do. Prepare. Ask insightful questions. Follow-up.

Understanding Your Client

Every client is different. Understanding and appealing to your client's personality and communication style create cognitive resonance that leads to trust. 

What makes Sales Mastery work?

It's the structure of Sales Mastery around People, Process and Tools that makes Sales Mastery relatable and successful.

Sales Mastery is not just about training. Anyone can get training online. Your salespeople need development and that takes support. Support is the cornerstone of the Sales Mastery program. It's so important that we list it ahead of the courses.

When we support salespeople, we also support the sales leader. We lock into and reinforce your strategy and objectives. Let's face it. You're busy running the sales team and there's a million things your people need to know. That's where we come in.

QCSS Sales Mastery works because it is structured around three drivers of sales success. First is PEOPLE: both peers who encourage each other and the sales coaches. Second is PROCESS: it follows a proven process to form success habits. Third are the TOOLS: sales tools for real-life application of the Sales Mastery process.


The best adult learning is done in groups. It's active and engaging. Variety stimulates one's thinking. Working with peers and a coach within a sales framework, you'll find the things that work best for you.

Modern sales training is best done in groups to learn with and from each other

Peer Cohort

Sales dev in groups pays off. It's active and stimulating, learning from the coach and from each other. Cohorts allow for practice partners during and in between classes where most of the skill development happens.

Modern sales training includes lots of one-on-one coaching

Sales Coaching

Everybody needs a coach. Serious skill development happens when the salesperson has regular check-ins with a coach who has no purpose other than to help the salesperson development and grow.


The Sales Mastery process is based on the Buyer Decision Process™, a centerpiece of DePaul University's Center for Sales Leadership and used by leading B2B sales organizations.

Winning in sales, like winning an F1 race, takes process and discipline

Three Sales Training Stages

Sales Mastery lays down a Foundation For Success of core sales tools. In Serving Your Client you'll learn and practice the keys to earning trust. Attaining Mastery covers challenges that lead to sales excellence.

Being the best in sales requires setting high goals and working to achieve them

Sales Level-up

This is personal. Leveling-up is a commitment to learn, practice, apply, and repeat the skills you need to win! Leveling-up starts with a high-performance mental state. Positive. Disciplined. Committed. Every day.


Tools help any professional put knowledge and process into practical application. In the Sales Mastery program, we incorporate tools throughout to help accelerate your application of new sales skills.

The right sales tools increase efficiency of the sales function

Sales Tools

Sales Mastery will merge your tools into the development process. You won't be a great chef if you can't manage salt, fat, acid, and heat. Same thing with sales. Email tools. CRM's. Processes. Activity tracking. And more.

Good sales training includes a playbook for discipline and repetition

Sales Training Playbook

Great salespeople have routine. Their process is internalized. They know what to do and when to do it. That all starts with a Playbook. A wealth of information on sales best practices from old school to AI.

The Power of Sales Mastery

The power behind Sales Mastery is in our methodology to build trust. The program is highly engaging with most of the program involving your sales team members working with in groups with peers or coaches. This is the most effective environment for sales skill development. Plenty of opportunity for learning, making mistakes, coaching, and getting better.

Stages of Sales Training for Effective Learning

Your Custom Sales Training Plan

Customized sales training plan for Enterprise Sales Teams

QCSS Sales Mastery involves three sales training stages. They build off each other starting with the core functional skills, then moving into the high-touch skills that will enable you to win with your client. The final track covers the more challenging skills that you need for sales excellence! Beginning with our standard offer, we work with sales leaders to customize the training specifically for their sales teams.

This is what QCSS calls Sales Mastery!


Start at the beginning. Set a strong baseline for sales skills development. Foundation for Success helps you develop a go-to-market plan to achieve your sales goals. You will learn and practice processes and tools for sales excellence. Here, you begin to develop your everyday sales routine that will be the always-on engine of your success.

Foundation for Success Curriculum

High-performance Mental State

DiSC Human Behavior Styles

Relevant Client Messages

Human Perceptions & Reactions


Sales is about your client. Serving. Advising. Challenging. Clients respond positively to an authentic approach that is in their best interest. In Serving Your Client, you'll learn to attract prospects, then guide them through the Buyer Decision Model™. You will build credibility as you lead discussions toward best fit solutions to your clients' needs.

Serving Your Client Curriculum

How Prospects Buy

Why Prospects Buy

Conducting Discovery Conversations

Socratic Questioning

Value-based Proposals / ROI

Closing the Complex Sale


The last steps in earning your client's business confirms the details in the exchange of value with your client. Attaining Mastery covers these important steps to help you avoid common pitfalls and succeed in gaining a signed contract.

Attaining Mastery Curriculum

Sales Negotiations

Creating Loyal Customer Evangelists

Establishing Yourself as a Trusted Asset

Sales training cohorts meet every other week for two hours. Covering 22 high-value sales training topics, the program spans about 48 weeks, allowing for holidays. One-on-one coaching is by-appointment, scheduled at the convenience of the student and the coach.

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