Sales Mastery for Consultants and Startups

Sales Training for Consultants and Startups

Consultants and startup leaders. You're great at what you do, but you face challenges when it comes to sales. QCSS Sales Mastery™ can help.

Startup salesperson working with client team

You want to sell your expertise! Our collaborative training cohorts and unlimited one on one coaching, focused on winning in today’s complex buyer decision process, can 2 to 3X your sales in 12 to 18 months.

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It's possible to develop sales skills

Sales is a skill that anyone can learn and master

"The Sales Mastery Training I have received and recommended to others has significantly and positively impacted how I look at the sales process, choosing to focus on the relationship rather than a transactional sale."

Emily Gerrity, CEO

Sales Mastery Alumnus

Challenges clients face

  • Sales is not your part of your core expertise
  • You've never had to rely on selling to earn a living
  • You have a big network, yet referrals are hard to come by
  • Selling and delivering at the same time is proving to be more of hurdle than you expected
  • You lack a reliable sales process that you can execute with confidence, consistently

The QCSS Sales Mastery Solution

  • In just a matter of a few hours, our sales training process takes you from learning to application of sales skills on any given subject.
  • Then, to achieve Sales Mastery, we hold you accountable to short-term actions to develop the skill through real-world application.
  • Finally, one-to-one Sales Coaching is a core part of the work we do with clients. Unlimited sales coaching is available, first-come, first served. It covers any of the topics we have discussed in class. We especially love helping you apply any of the sales skills to specific prospect opportunities.

QCSS Sales Mastery

Sales training designed around your client

The best salespeople seek to help clients with pressing challenges and big opportunities. That means putting your client's needs ahead of yours. It means earning trust through authentic service to your client. 

Our Sales Training is based on four principles to develop client trust

Clients do not want to be sold to, period

But clients will buy solutions they believe will help them accomplish their goals and make them look good. You'll learn through Discovery to tap into their essential decision drivers .

The Buyer Decision Model™

Because a client will only buy and not be sold to, your job is to understand and guide your client through their decision making process to a best fit decision that meets their needs. 

Client Trust and Relationship

In sales you must earn a trusted relationship with your client. No trust? No deal! This means listening and asking great questions to build credibility and trust.

Finding and Understanding Your Client

Sales Mastery goes deep into the nuances of your client's personality, what they need, and their communication style. All of this helps you find and connect with clients.

What makes Sales Mastery work?

It's the structure of Sales Mastery around People, Process and Tools that makes Sales Mastery relatable and successful.

Sales training is a lot like working out. Why do you work out? To get healthier, stronger, faster. To run that marathon or win the city tennis tournament. So why sales training? Same thing. To get stronger, to get better, to improve your business, to be the best!

QCSS Sales Mastery works because it is structured around three drivers of sales success. First is PEOPLE: both your peers who encourage each other and your sales coaches. Second is PROCESS: it follows a proven process to form success habits. Third are the TOOLS: sales tools for real-life application of the Sales Mastery process.


The best adult learning is done in groups. It's active and engaging. Variety stimulates one's thinking. Working with peers and a coach within a sales framework, you'll find the things that work best for you.

Modern sales training is best done in groups to learn with and from each other

Peer Cohort

Working out alone is no fun and rarely succeeds. In Sales Mastery, we emphasize the Peer Cohort. You'll train with peers, learn with and from each other, and develop life-long relationships out of mutual success.

Modern sales training includes lots of one-on-one coaching

Sales Coaching

Everybody needs a coach. Want to achieve your sales goals? Want to be the sales G.O.A.T.? Then get a sales coach. Someone to call when you want to pull your hair out, figure out a tricky deal, or celebrate a win!


The Sales Mastery process is based on the Buyer Decision Process™, a centerpiece of DePaul University's Center for Sales Leadership and used by leading B2B sales organizations.

Winning in sales, like winning an F1 race, takes process and discipline

Three Sales Training Stages

Sales Mastery lays down a Foundation For Success of core sales tools. In Serving Your Client you'll learn and practice the keys to earning trust. Attaining Mastery covers challenges that lead to sales excellence.

Being the best in sales requires setting high goals and working to achieve them

Sales Level-up

This is personal. Leveling-up is a commitment to learn, practice, apply, and repeat the skills you need to win! Leveling-up starts with a high-performance mental state. Positive. Disciplined. Committed. Every day.


Tools help any professional put knowledge and process into practical application. In the Sales Mastery program, we incorporate tools throughout to help accelerate your application of new sales skills.

The right sales tools increase efficiency of the sales function

Sales Tools

Tools! From well worn to AI, the right tool for the job makes the difference. And sales involves many jobs. So you need tools for getting noticed, prospecting, handling discovery, proposing, negotiating, and more!

Good sales training includes a playbook for discipline and repetition

Sales Training Playbook

What does a playbook do? It shows you what you should do in a given situation. The best salespeople know what to do and when to do it. They study the Sales Mastery Playbook, a rich resource they use all the time.

My Sales Training Plan

Sales training plan for Consultants and Startups

QCSS Sales Mastery involves three sales training stages. They build off each other starting with the core functional skills, then moving into the high-touch skills that will enable you to win with your client. The final track covers the more challenging skills you need for sales excellence! 

This is what QCSS calls Sales Mastery!


Start at the beginning. Set a strong baseline for sales skills development. Foundation for Success helps you develop a go-to-market plan to achieve your sales goals. You will learn and practice processes and tools for sales excellence. Here, you begin to develop your everyday sales regimen that will be the always-on engine of your success.


My Business Plan

Develop & execute a sustainable plan.

Buyer Personalities

Adapt your style to varying buyer personalities.

My Sales Process

Define a repeatable sales process for consistent success.

Get Noticed by Your Target Market

Right target, right message, right time.


Sales is about your client. Serving. Advising. Challenging. Clients respond positively to an authentic approach that is in their best interest. In Serving Your Client, you'll learn to attract prospects, then guide them through the Buyer Decision Model™. You will build credibility as you lead discussions toward best fit solutions to your clients' needs.



Tools and actions to find and warm up prospects.

How & Why Prospects Buy

Understand today's buying process and decision drivers.

Leading Discovery Conversations

Learn how to lead a mutually successful Discovery process.

Discover More with Socratic Questions

Increase credibility through the art of great questions.

Putting Discovery in Action

Role-play and get feedback on a real client opportunity.

Gaining Agreement on Value

Drive value into the relationship from the start.


The last steps in earning your client's business confirms the details in the exchange of value with your client. Attaining Mastery covers these important steps to help you avoid common pitfalls and succeed in gaining a signed contract.


Navigating the Complex Sale

Master long-term sales with multiple decision makers.

Creating Customer Evangelists

Get referrals based on a successful client relationship.

Loyalty & Longevity

Create clients for life by adding long-term value.

Sales training cohorts meet every other week for two hours. Covering 13 high-value sales training topics, the program spans about 26 weeks, allowing for holidays. One-on-one coaching is by-appointment, scheduled at the convenience of the student and the coach.