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Sales Leadership Mastery™

Sales training is not just for salespeople. It’s for sales leaders too! Sales Mastery™ for sales leaders is about your development. Your mastery of the business of sales.

Sales Leader working with the sales team

Sales Leadership Mastery helps sales leaders excel in your role building and leading a team of sales superstars.

It's possible to develop sales skills

Strong Sales Leaders Excel in The Business of Sales™

Sales Leadership involves Building, Leading, and Managing Sales Teams

Sales Leadership Development

Strong sales leaders excel in the business of sales. They know how to build, lead, and manage. 

New and experienced sales leaders will benefit from the Sales Leadership Mastery program. The program's focus on the business of sales drives the development of competencies any sales leader needs to build and lead high-performing sales teams.

Business success depends on the sales leader Mastering The Business of Sales. This is the people side of sales. The sales leader needs great sales instinct. That's part of why they are the sales leader.

They also need the people skills to BUILD a high-talent Sales Team, then LEAD that team. These are core people skills needed to help each team member achieve up to and beyond their expectations. Finally, the leader needs the skill to MANAGE performance, the pipeline, the budget, and more. You might say this is the mechanics of the sales leadership role.

The ability to build, lead, and manage your sales team makes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary results. 

Sales Leadership Development Scenarios

Stepping Up to Executive Leadership for Sales

For Experienced Sales Leaders, it's a different story. You have successfully managed the team, but now the business needs you to do more. The business is looking for growth. That means leveling up your ability to build, lead, and manage your team. Growth may mean adding sales team members. That's where Build comes in. As your team expands, you'll face new challenges to Lead. With more resources and expectations come added responsibility to Manage your department professionally.

From Sales Team Member to Leader

For New Sales Leaders, going from team member to Sales Leader means a new set of skills. You got the job due to your sales success and leadership potential. Now let's accelerate the development of that potential with Sales Leadership Mastery. We'll provide structured support for successfully making the leap from being a great salesperson to being a great sales leader. The Sales Leadership Mastery program will equip you to Build, Lead and Manage your team to achieve your highest goals.

Sales Leadership Mastery

Sales Leadership Development to Build, Lead & Manage for Success

Sales Leadership Development for the success of the business and the success of your career

The QCSS Sales Leadership Development program aims for the success of the business and the success of your career.

Both depend on a sales leader's ability to BUILD, LEAD, and MANAGE their team. Our purpose is to help you drive short term results and attract & retain management talent through a high quality career development experience.

QCSS Sales Leadership Mastery develops these critical skills through customized programs for each client, tailored to the needs of your business and the needs of your sales leaders.


The BUILD program is the place attracting and retaining top talent begins. The emphasis is on developing structure in hiring and onboarding, customized to the business.

Sales leader greeting newest member of his sales team

BUILD Curriculum

Always-on Recruiting

Best Fit Hiring Criteria

Interviewing & Evaluating

Making the Offer

Securing the Hire

Onboarding for Success

The First 90 Days


The BUILD program is a roadmap to winning the fierce competition for talent. This structured approach engenders decision confidence for the leader, the team, the business, and the candidate. A positive aura sets the tone for a great start!


The LEAD program focuses on developing the skill to help team members achieve more than they think possible. From a leadership assessment, we will customize a curriculum for each participant.

Sales leader leading her sales team to new innovations

LEAD Curriculum

Team Generated Strategy & Goals

Create a Positive Team Dynamic

Setting Challenging Targets

Coaching for Success

Giving Constructive Feedback

Engagement through Opportunity

LEAD Value

Strong sales teams have strong leaders who know that success is a team game. These teams perform better and are happier at work. They attract the best clients and stay with the company longer. Everyone wins. The team. The leader. The business. 


The MANAGE program is the operating system of the sales team. It covers essential topics to ensure the team, overall, delivers the results the business is counting on.

Sales leader managing his sales team

MANAGE Curriculum

Pipeline Management

Evaluating Performance

Performance Reviews

Developing Team Members

Department Budgeting

360° Management


The sales leader will gain important skills, common to their peers and essential for the health of the business. The leader will be equipped for success in their current role and better prepared for future roles in the business.

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