Are you a company that is ready to increase leads and appointments to fill your pipeline consistently? Discover this winning strategy that successful sales leaders are using to achieve accelerated, repeatable process to meet sales and revenue goals.

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Our outbound team focuses on getting you to market and reaching your customers or prospects B2B or B2C. Through our efficiencies we lower cost while creating opportunities that help you meet your goals faster.

Outbound Services

  • Lead Generation & Qualification
  • Appointment Setting 
  • Telesales
  • Inside Sales
  • Fundraising
  • Telemarketing
  • Membership  & Donor Renewals
  • Upsell and Cross Selling
  • Product Introductions & Promotional calling
  • Market Research Surveys
  • Database Cleansing

Is your company experiencing any of these challenges?


You have a sales person or team that doesn't have time to make cold calls or follow-up calls to clients to nurture for the right timing.  You are trying to augment their calling and reach rate to your targeted audience and need to get there faster.  They may not have the skills for cold calling because they start selling vs making the appointment. You need to build your pipeline so that a percentage of pitched contacts will convert, but the funnel is not large enough to meet your revenue goals.


You have a list of contacts that may be qualified for your product or service and it requires focus in reaching them. You need a flow of constant leads that are ready for sales to run with it. You need to share your products or services, qualify prospects to see if they are in the market for your solution.  You want to gather marketing intelligence about competitor solutions, current needs, challenges, and timing and then rate leads to prioritize follow-up for your sales team. 

Lead Qualification

You have identified your target market and you have a huge list to call, but with the size of your sales team, it could take years. You need to reach and qualify the list of contacts in a reasonable amount of time to share your product or service. You need to confirm the contact name and gather email addresses for future email marketing and nurturing. You want to use the qualified leads that come to the top so you understand what will be needed internally and externally to follow-up and advance the sales stage.


You have a list of customers that need to renew user licenses, memberships or lapsed donors.  You don’t have the skilled staff internally that can focus or have time for the multiple attempts it may take to reach and nurture your renewal prospect. You need a solution that provides continuity in the renewal process so that you can ensure calls will be made monthly or yearly  to engage with your most important residual sale so that they convert and continue to be loyal to your company, association or mission.



“We knew we needed to do more outbound prospecting, but we also knew that if we hired one person, we wouldn’t have the infrastructure in place to make the best use of that person’s time and skills. If you want a ‘call monster’ working on your team, it’s important to have the right technology, team support and supervision to make sure that person is motivated and making good use of every minute. QCSS allows our small business to benefit from the efficiency and effectiveness of the type of call center that is normally only available to large organizations, while still offering the personal touch that our customers demand.”


How QCSS helped a SAAS company to accelerate 

their go- to-market strategy to meet their revenue goals.

How QCSS helped a start up e-commerce company to triple their revenue in one year.


A print, packaging & design software solution company was looking to test a new proactive prospecting method to market vs their usual passive digital and email marketing. They were looking for a faster more consistent way to acquire new clients.


QCSS designed a Lead Generation program to introduce the company, gather intelligence on the challenges they were having in using their current design software. We wove in talking points that generated interest in learning more that would save the prospects time and money. We came up with a lead rating system for lead follow-up prioritization based on specific data points. The leads would be sales ready with detailed notes for the sales team and the best time to call them.


The lead generation cold calling test pilot program produced 350 hot leads in just 12 weeks that resulted in 150 new opportunities with $475K in projected revenues. This client rolled-out into a longer term program to augment their lead generation activities allowing their sales team to focus on closing. They now have a strategy that they can duplicate, ramp up & scale to meet their goals. 

Here’s how we do it:

Here’s how we do it:

Control Costs with Right Size Solutions

Control Costs with Right Size Solutions

QCSS develops outbound solutions based on your volume and service expectations so that you can grow and expand within your calling support team so we balance our output with your operational capacity. We will look at all the factors and tailor workflow strategy while taking your company to the next level. 

Control Costs with Right Size Solutions

Trained Professionals That Are An Extension Of Your Team

Outbound calling strategies demand attention to detail to achieve the results for our clients programs. Training, listening and reviewing metrics to understand trends allows us to calibrate our pitch which is crucial to higher levels of success. The QCSS management team is focused on all the moving parts for our clients as an extension of your team.

Control Costs with Right Size Solutions

Continuous Improvement

QCSS management team practices continuous improvement by identifying issues through root cause analysis that lead to breakthrough process improvement. If we can improve efficiencies with a small change, a tool to help our agents be more successful, or an opportunity to reduce costs, we are on top of it to enhance your program services as an ambassador of your brand. 

Control Costs with Right Size Solutions

Reporting Metrics

Reporting metrics are continually being monitored by our quality assurance team. This allows us to see trends and insights, create action plans, forecast staffing and improve quality. Each key performance indicator within our reporting metrics helps the team create goals for conversion improvements in addition to rewarding agents for goals met for to drive production.

When You Partner With Us, You Have Access To:

  • A team of trained professionals Seasoned experienced agents
  • Streamlined processes
  • Technology to measure performance
  • Daily Reporting
  • Power Dialing Technology efficiencies
  • Managed service dedicated to continuous improvement
  • A customized plug and play model that gets RESULTS!