“Working together for a common goal is TEAMWORK.”

Alliance Partner Program

At QCSS we understand the value of strong partnerships. Over the last 18 years of business we have received a very high percentage of new business through referrals from colleagues & friends. This is why we created the Q-Alliance Partner Program. It’s our way of giving back to the people that believe in our business. This is a mutually beneficial program in which we will do everything that we can to promote your business to our clients & prospects- in return for the same promotion to your clients and prospects.

Q-Tips Feature

You will receive a spread in our Q-Tips newsletter which your company exposure to over 50,000 prospects. It will contain a 3 paragraph story on your company, a special offer you may be running, your logo, a direct link to your website, and your contact information.

Welcome Packet Feature

Every new Client & Alliance Partner will receive a welcome packet from QCSS which will feature additional information about our company as well as pamphlets / informative packets from each of our Alliance Partners.

Contact us today and find out more about our full spectrum of inbound client engagement and outbound services.

Website Banner Link

Your Company will get a banner on our website along with a short summary of what your company specializes in.

Bundle services

We will take time with every prospect & client to see if there is a need or pain point to align your company with. As we begin to understand your need we will hold a strategic meeting with our team to discuss any other elements they may be lacking and how we can help fill that hole.


QCSS can provide a wide variety of standard Reports to quickly see our production and efficiencies. Custom Reports can also be generated through Access, Excel, Crystal Reports or a variety of report generating products. The reports detail the Campaign, Query or Agent activity for user configurable time periods and enable accurate up to the minute ROI tracking.

Financial Reward

Any client that lands a contract from your referral through any medium will be rewarded. We will give you 5% on any hours purchased for up to 12 months.

Company Discounts: Any QCSS call center services that your company would be interested in utilizing will be offered to you at a discounted price.

If you are interested in becoming an Alliance Partner or for more information call 888.229.7046 or contact us at: