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QCSS Voice Broadcasting Announcements

Voice Broadcasting announcements are an inexpensive and effective way to get your message out to thousands of employees, clients or prospects instantly. This service can be used for:

Employee notification & announcements

New product announcements

Office closings

New promotions

Event invitations & reminders

School openings & closings

Emergency/crisis control notifications & alerts

Live Web Chat

Let your website speak. Our trained representatives will chat live with your customers & prospects. They will help navigate your website visitors and answer customer service questions which will decrease website abandonment, increase conversion rates, and engage customers.

Contact us today and find out more about our full spectrum of inbound client engagement and outbound services.

Email Broadcasting

Email broadcasting is another inexpensive & effective way to reach out to your customers. Send out thousands of emails with company announcements, promotions, industries updates, customer satisfaction surveys and more.

Online Surveys

More than 80% of Fortune 1000 companies conduct online surveys. They understand the value of capturing important feedback and data from visitors of your site. QCSS can offer this service to you inexpensively so that your company can also see the value of the feedback received.

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