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It’s winter and the flu season is in full swing. The flu virus is spreading like wildfire. Plus, with different symptoms manifesting for different individuals, emergency rooms may soon be overrun with sick people. Yet this does not need to be the case. Partnering with the right B2B medical contact center will indeed help in managing your customers. A medical contact center is that necessary link providing that one on one personal connection customers seek. How does this help in the scenario above? When provided with the necessary information and advice the customer may not need to go to the emergency room. 

Medical Contact Center Services

Apart from scheduling appointments, there is an array of useful services that a healthcare contact center can provide. These include and are not limited to:

  • Centralized Platform for Customer Data

At every stage of the customer’s journey, it is necessary to supply exceptional quality customer service. This means that from the moment of initial contact and inquiry, physical interaction and procedure, up until recovery, the customer requires attention. Yet to do so, one must be equipped with the proper equipment, software, and HCRM platform. 

A partnership with your selected B2B healthcare contact center will ensure that your customers’ information is centralized. That way, agents can easily access the relevant data to provide a highly personalized customer experience.

  • Accreditation of Call Center Agents

Healthcare contact centers that utilize an HCRM enabled platform can truly function as a representative for your institution. Access to the centralized patient data empowers agents to provide personalized care to each patient. Patients do not need to start from scratch each time they call for assistance. This, in turn, allows agents to also actively contribute to your health organization’s objectives. 

Additionally, the calls made and received are documented and recorded in the HCRM. This makes it convenient for your organization to monitor the quality of service agents offer to your customers. Also, this documentation makes it easy for the marketing department to assess how agents contribute to your healthcare organization’s ROI. 

  • Increase Revenue Through Patient Engagement

Perhaps it may not sound quite right to consider initiatives to increase revenue through patient engagement. However, revenue is important to successfully maintain the smooth running of any organization. This calls for much creativity and diligence on the part of the agents who form part of your B2B medical contact center.

For example, a customer may have had a procedure done at your healthcare organization and may require refills of a particular medication. A proactive agent may call a few days before the prescription needs to be refilled to remind the patient of the prescription. That agent may also follow up on the patient’s recovery process and make recommendations or suggestions. 

Multichannel Customer Engagement Solutions

These multi-channel journeys occur when the agent is no longer involved in just the calling process, be it inbound or outbound. Alternative channels such as via email, social media, web or SMS are all utilized. When agents become an active part of the marketing process and your healthcare organization’s objectives, they part-take in these multiple-channels. These channels are selected based on the needs of the customer to be catered to at the time.

It is during the exchange between customer and agent that the customer can be informed of the additional products and services which your organization provides. This multi-channel approach provides a more detailed analysis of how customers interface with your healthcare products and services. Thus you are able to assess how customers relate to your brand and make the necessary adjustments for continued success.

Importance Of Customer Service In Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, every employee serves as an ambassador for your institution. Employees must be made to understand that regardless of the role played (behind the scenes or upfront), the customer service experience needs to be top-notch. No one can be allowed to drop the ball. The customers must feel valued in order to utilize your service and also recommend to others instead of discouraging them.

Your selected B2B medical contact center must be in sync with your organization’s objectives to effectively market and cater to clients. The service received must encourage customers to recommend your products and services to others. Are you ready to select the right B2B healthcare contact center to cater to the needs of your potential and existing customers? Contact us at QCSS today, we await your consultation.

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