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Our Team of Trained Professionals

Are Ready to Answer Your Calls

Trust QCSS to meet your inbound call customer support needs 24/7

Our inbound team focuses on processing your incoming calls and creating more efficiencies resulting in better customer experiences. QCSS uses our expertise to reduce costs and turn your inbound interactions into a new profit center.

Is your company experiencing any of these challenges?

Improving Response Time

You are struggling with response times and it’s costing you customers. You don’t have the technology to measure your traffic and you know have lengthy hold times. It’s creating more work to return calls resulting in a poor customer and prospect experience. You are looking for a managed process that can provide the infrastructure, technology, tools and experienced agents necessary to become an extension team for your brand.

Adding Multi-Channel Support

You don’t have the technology to provide multi-channel support. You are limited in the way that your company communicates with your prospects and customers. You want to expand your support to be able to include new ways for communicating to convert more sales, appointments and leads via additional channels

Manage Email Volume

Your email and chat volume is no longer manageable. Your agents and supervisors are unable to keep up with and manage the different types of questions and responses coming. Your response times are lagging and you need to create processes and staffing that can be measured and managed precisely. You need a technology that can seamlessly combine email and phone support that allow you to efficiently prioritize calls over emails and chats automatically.

Reduce Costs-Level 1 Support

Your help desk is operating inefficiently and your customers need support. You need a first level of support to capture and resolve small issues that do not require your high level tech team. You need a process for efficiently prioritizing support necessities and improving response times while reducing your cost and optimizing the customer experience.


How QCSS helped a SAAS company to accelerate
their go- to-market strategy to meet their revenue goals.

How QCSS helped a start up e-commerce company to triple their revenue in one year.


A start-up e-commerce company in the motherhood products/services space came to us because they needed to map out an entirely new phone customer support service or they were going to lose a new enterprise account in Silicon Valley.


We used our best practices to build a multi-channel high-touch support solution. Our team mapped out processes, built FAQ’s, created a knowledge base, established customized customer support protocols, created email response templates, and streamlined the tracking of orders. We knew the importance of developing an enhanced customer service support model of potentially frantic mothers that resulted in more efficiencies, reduction of hold times, faster response times and ultimately, a better customer service experience.


In just 4 weeks, we built out their entire multi-channel customer support solution. The agents were trained in handling calls empathetically which led to raving reviews online. This company landed more Silicon Valley contracts and referrals due to the excellent service provided. This set them up to triple their company revenue in just one year!



“Dear QCSS Team, Thank you for everything you do every day! We could not do this without you. No one takes better care of some of the [most tired], most overwhelmed, hardest working people around (working moms) better than you…just wanted to ‘express love’ and Appreciation”.

Our inbound team focuses on processing your incoming calls and creating more efficiencies resulting in better customer experiences. QCSS uses our expertise to reduce costs and turn your inbound interactions into a new profit center.

inbound call center services

Inbound Services:

We have a wide array of options to suit any business need. 

  • Telephone Answering Service
  • Customer Service and Support
  • E-Commerce Retail Support
  • Order and Payment Processing
  • Direct Advertising Response
  • Fundraising
  • Help Desk Services
  • Tech support triage
  • Recall Services
  • Live Chat
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Appointment Setting
  • Disaster Response
  • Inbound Event Registration
  • Overflow/After-Hours Support

Here’s how we do it:

Here’s how we do it:

Control Costs with Right Size Solutions

Control Costs with Right Size Solutions

QCSS develops inbound solutions based on your volume and service expectations so that you can grow your channels of communication when the time is right. We will look at all the factors and tailor inbound support that will give you more coverage and expertise in setting up a sustainable intake system that will take your company to the next level.

Trained Professionals That Are An Extension Of Your Team

Trained Professionals That Are An Extension Of Your Team

Customer service support is an ever changing landscape from product changes to policies, protocols, and situational updates. The QCSS management team tap into feedback and anticipate training needs to ensure the call center agents are ready to serve your clients to the best of their ability.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

QCSS management team practices continuous improvement by identifying issues through root cause analysis that lead to breakthrough process improvement. If we can improve efficiencies with a small change, a tool to help our agents be more successful , or an opportunity to reduce costs, we are on top of it to enhance your program services as an ambassador of your brand.

Reporting Metrics

Reporting Metrics

Reporting metrics are continually being monitored by our quality assurance team. This allows us to see trends and insights, create action plans, forecast staffing and improve quality. Each key performance indicator within our reporting metrics helps the team create goals for continuous service improvements in addition to rewarding agents for goals met for service excellence.

When You Partner With Us, You Have Access To:

  • A team of trained professionals
  • Streamlined processes
  • Technology to measure performance
  • Multi-Channel Support options
  • Managed service dedicated to continuous improvement
  • A customized plug and play model that gets RESULTS!

Quality Customer Service & Sales

Call Center and Contact Solutions

Established in 1991, QCSS Inc. is a network of multi-channel BPO customer contact centers specializing in inbound and outbound communications. We handle millions of interactions on behalf of our clients annually in our U.S. based contact centers. QCSS is dedicated to providing best-in-class services, to your customers, members, donors, partners, and prospects.

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