July 16

Can you name a nine letter word that is absolutely necessary to succeed in any business? If you can’t, we can. That word you’re looking for is REFERRALS.

We know that getting referrals is easier said than done. Which brings us to the next question: 

How does a company or business receive a referral? Well, that’s easy. A company or business will receive referrals from customers or clients that love them. Outstanding customer service can bring a customer or client from liking you, to loving you.

We’d love to share with you how we bring our clients from the like stage to the love stage.

  1. Maintain a relationship

If you want customers to come back for more, you better be staying in contact with them. Relationships can’t maintain themselves and it’s always going to be a two-way street. It’s necessary to maintain a relationship with customers while doing business with them. Check in with clients and customers. Make sure that they are receiving the results that they were expecting from your product or service.

This will show customers and clients that you don’t just care about your own goals but you care about their goals, also.

2. Be Consistent

Of course, it’s hard not to pick favorites. It’s possible that you have clients and customers who have been with you from the very beginning. These relationships are most likely extremely important to you. It’s probably difficult for you to direct your attention to new clients when you are so worried about maintaining relationships with old clients.

Consistency is what got you these lifelong customers so it’s important to remember to remain consistent.

3. Follow-Through

Follow-through in what you do. Don’t tell clients or customers that you are going to do something and never end up doing it. This will frustrate consumers and when was the last time you fell in love with someone that frustrates you?

4. Listen

What your consumers are saying matters. Listen to what they have to say so that you can improve business and get even more people to fall in love with what you do. Listen to what people are saying through social media, testimonials and by simply asking them.

Ask them what you can do to improve service and genuinely listen to the answer.

5. Build Trust

A characteristic that is hard to come by these days but the business industry is built on it. If you want a client or customer to love you, they must trust you first. How do you get them to trust you, you may ask?

A simple postcard or a thank you card can make another persons’ day. Make it personal. Let them know that their business matters to you and that they are appreciated.

Customers and clients want to know that they matter and that you are grateful for them. Thank them for their time because if you don’t they might just move on to the next company. 

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