“Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion.” 

– Brian Chesky, Co-Founder, CEO, Airbnb

If you’ve ever held a job with poor work culture, you probably know just how unpleasant an experience it can be. Power-tripping bosses, unprofessional managers, and gossiping co-workers are all factors that can make for a work environment most people would rather not be a part of. 

Conversely, if a company has a culture of leadership, teamwork, positivity, and mutual respect, the members of its team are far more likely to enjoy their work experience. They will show up with their A-game every day because they genuinely enjoy being there, and they see how that positively influences their career goals.

It’s for this reason that we want to share our best tips for building a team that loves working for you. If you’re an entrepreneur, fostering a positive work culture will not only serve your team, but you and the prosperity of your business as well!

Be a Respectful Boss

Your team is not a group of servants or minions who do your bidding. They are human beings, and more than that, you hired each and every one of them for a reason — You saw their value. They are either great at what they do, or have the potential to be. So treat each of your team members as such.

Ultimately, your team is there to help you achieve your goals, and they’ll become infinitely more willing to do this if you recognize their larger goals too. A little respect goes a long way, and a lot of respect goes even further.

Be a Fun Boss

No, we don’t mean being ridiculous or acting overly silly at the expense of productivity. Rather, be the boss who is passionate, enthusiastic and genuine. Be the boss who actually makes working enjoyable with their energy. Lead from a place of positivity.

Be an Empowering Boss

Remember, you aren’t there to control or micromanage your team. You are there to allow them to solve important problems and do work that is both meaningful to them, and to your company. Lead your team without controlling them. Be a role model, educate them, and challenge them to handle things on their own.

Be an Honest Boss

One of the best ways to gain the respect of your team is by being honest 100% of the time. Absolutely never lie to or trick your employees, because they will distrust you forever. Follow through on the promises you make, be transparent, and adopt a no-nonsense (but nice) approach. If you do this, the people who work for you will see you as someone who can be easily depended upon.

Be a Trustworthy Boss

Trust is a vital component in positive work culture. It isn’t something that can be bought, and trustworthiness isn’t something that can be faked. If you want your team members to trust you, it requires that you actually be trustworthy. So if a member of your team confides in you, keep it between the two of you. Do not partake in gossip; in fact, shut it down whenever it rears its head in your midst.  If you want a happy team and a positive work culture, you must always be in integrity about promises of confidence.