Having a Remote Team During a Virus Outbreak

July 23

The world is experiencing an unprecedented slowdown in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Numerous companies have temporarily closed, sending employees home to self-quarantine and prevent the further spread of the virus. The economic impact of coronavirus has put the world at a standstill.

But not all businesses can afford to go on shutdown as countless companies and industries rely on them. Outsourcing companies and remote teams provide essential services such as customer service, communications, medical insurance processing and others that are critical at this time. As such, having an integrated remote team helping your business with specific operations is crucial to ensuring productivity and seamless service for your customers.

Business Continuity

Employing a remote team is beneficial to most businesses, big or small, as remote staff help them continue operations. A remote team operates in a different site across the world, at strategic working hours for a smooth transition of responsibilities. Should one site be compromised by the coronavirus, another site in a different country could still support operations without much disruption.

Operational Costs 

 Interestingly 90% of QCSS clients have managed to scale their office-based team size by leveraging cost-effective remote talent. In a world where everyone is talking about reducing headcount, QCSS is of the strong belief that we’re able to increase the working landscape by helping businesses sustain cost-effective operational costs — the challenge we now face is keeping businesses open so they have the opportunity to scale up again locally when the storm passes.

The QCSS Commitment

QCSS is dedicated to providing a premium service to our partners and helping cushion the economic impact of the coronavirus. 

Our remote teams provide long-term solutions and add value to our partners, allowing them to save on labour costs for high quality performance, and cope and recover during these challenging times. We know that operations need to continue so your customers get the same excellent service they normally would. Likewise, we are also committed to protecting our remote teams so they can continue to work and live as normally and safely as possible.

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