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Sales Mastery Consulting™

Strong businesses have strong sales organizations. That means mastering the business of sales from the top down. Sales Mastery Consulting helps business leaders develop and implement the components of a strong sales organization.

Senior Executive confident in her investments in the sales function

Sales Mastery Consulting helps business leaders establish sustainable growth through a strategic approach to building and executing the the sales function.

Mid-market Sales Challenges

As a senior leader, your sales challenges fall into these three categories

BUILDING the Sales Function

LEADING the Sales Function

MANAGING the Sales Function

Research indicates most leaders of mid-market businesses are not satisfied with their sales organizations.

2-minute Sales Function Self-assessment for Senior Leaders

If you answer "no" to many of these questions, you are not alone. QCSS Sales Mastery Consulting can help you address the gaps.


  • Do we have an effective onboarding process for new salespeople?
  • Do we have clear sales roles and responsibilities defined in writing?
  • Do we assess sales competency and address gaps?

LEAD Sales

  • Do we have a deep bench of strong customer relationships?
  • Do our salespeople establish trusted relationships with prospects?
  • Do we have a documented sales strategy with accountability?
  • Do we have a defensible value proposition our salespeople use?
  • Do our sales reps talk about what makes our company unique?
  • Have we defined our target market?


  • Do we have a defined sales process that all reps follow?
  • Do we have a CRM that is used consistently by our sales reps?
  • Have we set and sales KPIs our salespeople understand?
  • Do we actively track sales KPIs?
  • Do we adjust sales KPIs as circumstances dictate?
  • Is our sales comp plan reviewed, signed, and accurately administered?

The Business of Sales™

The Business of Sales is the business of the best Mid-market Leaders 

Sales Leadership involves Building, Leading, and Managing Sales Teams

Strong sales organizations excel in The Business of Sales. Leaders in the business understand the importance of investing in the organization's ability to BUILD, LEAD, and MANAGE sales.

Executive leadership has an essential investment role to play in creating a high-performing sales team.

QCSS Sales Mastery Consulting help business leaders identify and execute investments in three categories: BUILD, LEAD, and MANAGE.

The types of investment are just like those of any business function to put in place the right PEOPLE, PROCESS, and TECHNOLOGY to get the job done.

BUILD Investments

BUILD investments will help your business attract, develop, and retain top sales talent.

LEAD Investments

LEAD investments get your sales team focused on your best opportunities in the market and inspire your sales reps to world class performance.

MANAGE Investments

MANAGE investments get your sales team running at a high-performance level consistently, quarter to quarter and year to year.

Sales Mastery Consulting

Sales Mastery Consulting helps mid-market business leaders identify the right investments for a high-performing sales function

The Business of Sales is putting the right pieces in place to BUILD, LEAD and MANAGE a high-performing sales culture

QCSS Sales Mastery Consulting aims to support mid-market business leaders in carrying out their responsibilities in a high-performing sales organization.

A business admired industry-wide as a great sales organization gets that way because senior leadership, sales management, and salespeople all execute their roles at a high level. 

QCSS Sales Mastery Consulting offer senior level support across the three parts of The Business of Sales™. We customize BUILD, LEAD, and MANAGE programs, tailored to each client's needs.


The BUILD program is the place leadership decides what qualities are needed in its sales organization for long term success. This is the starting line of the race for the best sales talent in your market.

Sales leader greeting newest member of his sales team

BUILD Consulting

Building Competency Standards

Assessing Sales Team Competency

Competency Development Plan

Hiring for Competency & Culture

Developing Sales Career Path

Sales Compensation Planning

The value of BUILD

A study by the National Center for the Middle Market shows that for midsize companies, the combination of sales force effectiveness and retaining profitable customers has more impact on growth than any other capability.

Source: HBR


The LEAD program for business leadership is about setting the direction, providing the resources to get there, and guiding the team along the way. 

Sales leader leading her sales team to new innovations

LEAD Consulting

Developing an Effective Sales Process

Setting Sales Strategy

Identify the Target Market

3-Year & Annual Sales Planning

Strategic Account Planning

Leadership Coaching

The Role of Marketing

The value of LEAD

50% of high-performing sales organizations have sales processes that are closely monitored, strictly enforced or automated compared to just 28% from underperforming sales organizations.

Source: HBR


The MANAGE program is the operating system of sales. Business Leadership's role is to provide targets,  tools, processes, and more to make ensure a smooth running function.

Sales leader managing his sales team

MANAGE Consulting

Establish KPIs

Monitoring KPIs

Net Promoter Score

Pipeline Management

Performance Management System

The value of MANAGE

Over 60% of high-performing sales organizations strongly agree or agree that their salespeople are consistently measured against their quotas and held accountable for their results.

Source: HBR 

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