Handwritten Direct Mail Services 

The Power of Personalized

Handwritten Direct Mail

Our handwriting specialists take time to craft unique messages for each customer, donor or member that will establish trust and connection to your organization for years to come

Handwritten Direct Mail Services 

The Power of Personalized

Handwritten Direct Mail

Our handwriting specialists take time to craft unique messages for each customer, donor or member that will establish trust and connection to your organization for years to come

Why Use A Handwritten Direct Mail Solution?

  • Handwritten cards and mailings are shown to increase response to a campaign by 30-50%
  • Handwritten mail has an open rate of 98%
  • For every $167 spent in a direct mail campaign, marketers will sell $2,095 of goods

At QCSS, we extend the power of human interaction beyond our calling services. As the world of marketing incorporates more and more artificial intelligence and digital-based advertising, we choose to stick to tried-and-true methods.

We think going the extra mile with our handwritten direct mail solutions makes a difference with your customers. Why? Just consider which is more effective — receiving another email destined for the trash bin, or opening the mailbox to find a handwritten, personalized card? We know that genuine, “old-fashioned” staples like handwritten thank-you cards cut through the noise of digital advertising and will make a lasting impression on your customers, prospects, members and donors.

Stand out from the crowd with hand addressed mailings with personalized messages.

Make a Lasting Impression

People are more likely to respond positively when they feel a message is written just for them. And at QCSS, our Aria fulfillment division, has entire team dedicated to handwritten direct mail services who are experts at crafting messages tailored for each potential client, member, or donor.

One of our direct mail programs includes thank-you campaigns for nonprofits designed to maximize member retention and grow revenue.

Our handwriting specialists take time to craft unique messages for each donor that will establish trust in your organization for years to come.

We also specialize in B2B direct mail campaigns tailored to stand out from the noise of digital marketing and deliver tangible, unforgettable messages delivered right to your audience’s doorstep.

Our business to business and business to consumer Companies, Associations, Nonprofits and Charities trust QCSS to produce high quality volume mailing programs that help nurture relationships and help them grow their organizations with a special touch!


Non Profit Fundraising

Typically you have sent mailings that are laser printed and your response rate has been solid. You are trying to renew donors or members to commit to their yearly gift or an additional gift appeal. You want to personalize something even more special that will actually get opened with a higher percentage response. You would like to make them feel recognized and adding a personal note would really give a great impression that you went the extra mile. You would like to include a note and have it authentically hand addressed and hand stamped. A communication that will create engagement and loyalty to your mission.

Membership Renewals

Memberships are the lifeblood of your organization and you need to keep your retention high. You are on an annual or rolling membership cycle of renewal and you vary your reminder communications. Digital renewals sent from your AMS system are not yielding the response and are often ignored. You need to send your invoices or renewal reminders with a personal note of thanks and appreciation that increases your chances of immediate renewal which will reduce costs and time in having to generate additional reminders. You would like to reactive lapsed members on a win back mailing campaign with a special offer to renew. Hand addressing the envelope would get it opened and increase your response rate.

Lead Generation

You have a product or service that is a long sales cycle, a high ticket price for your business or consumer product or service. You have identified a list of potential customers that could use your product or service that you would like to nurture. You have a printed piece that you would like to personalize with a special note inside to make it more personal . You want to increase the likelihood that the prospect will open the envelope to see your offer. You would like to have it hand addressed so you can increase your open and response rate to convert your prospect to calling you or going to your website and taking action.

Thank you

Every month you convert new customers, members and donors. You would like to separate yourself from others by personalizing your appreciation using the power of handwritten cards. You want to make the person that is doing business with you or supporting your organization feel valued. You need to have your card specially designed with a continuity plan in place so whenever you send over a list, it is fulfilled timely and consistently with care and quality.


How QCSS helped a non profit create a handwritten mail campaign that exceeded their fundraising goals to achieve their mission.

How QCSS helped a start up

e-commerce company to triple their revenue in one year.


A non profit firm was not completely satisfied with the mail response rates and conversions for fundraising. They had a several lists of donors that they wanted to reach for a annual gifting program. They wanted to try something different and more personal that would speak to their donors so they would be more inclined to raise their gift from the prior year. They decided that testing a handwritten mailing appeal may help get more opens and give the donor a personalized touch to their ask.


QCSS designed a branded, high quality stationary staying within the nonprofits budget. We proposed to print and include a response device insert for that had various categories of giving based on where the funds would be allocated. The donor could check a box and or another amount of their choice. We included a blank window envelope (no postage) where the insert could be placed inside to show their return address of the nonprofit. We printed a note on the card and finished it off with a personal note with their name and “your X gift would go along way to achieve our goals to help….” We hand addressed the outside envelope, inserted the envelope & return device and hand stamped the mailing piece.


The mailing campaign had their best response in the history of the non profit! The mailing spoke for itself on the response rate they received which yielded a1700% return on investment . They raised $292,000 with an average gift size of $692.00 They now have a strategy that they can duplicate, ramp up to other list segments & scale the mailing even further in the future to meet fundraising goals.


University Alumni Client

“The University Alumni Association extends a most grateful thank you for your hard work in helping us meet our Venture Fund goal of $75,000! Without you, our goal would not have been realized. You made it happen!
 Our most ambitious $75,000 goal was a task we did not anticipate to be totally achieved. We hoped we would get close. Not only was the goal reached, but also you surpassed it by $800. We are so pleased and so very thankful for your efficient effort and dedication.”

Ready to create a more personalized mailing that gets opened and achieves a higher response rate? Watch our explainer video on handwritten mailings here.

Here are some of the ways our clients are using our high response, high touch personalized notes and hand addressed mailings:

  • Thank you Cards
  • Fundraising (renewals, sustainer appeals and more)
  • Event Invitations
  • Reminders
  • Sales letters
  • Holiday Cards
  • Handwritten note added to pre-printed letter or brochure
  • Post It note- personal note added to a letter, card or packet
  • Political Campaign Mailing
  • Real Estate Mailing
  • Property Investor Mailing
  • Nonprofit Mailing
  • Mortgage Mailing
  • Insurance Mailing
  • Healthcare Mailing
  • Construction-Remodeling Mailing

What Are The Benefits of a Handwritten Mailing?

We have a wide array of options to suit any business need. 

  • Stand out from your competition 
  • Ensure that your mailing doesn’t land in the trash
  • Save money on a cost effective solution
  • Target your campaigns to reach the right audience
  • Easily measured campaign results
  • Ability to produce high volume handwritten mailings
  • Simplicity of process and fulfilment
  • It’s a scalable strategy for high volume direct mail with QCSS
  • Integration with Telemarketing programs or other marketing campaigns
  • Hand addressing strategy available for increasing open rate
  • Higher conversion and open rates automatically

Here’s how we do it:

Here’s how we do it:

Control Costs with Right Size Solutions

Control Costs with Right Size Solutions

QCSS develops outbound solutions based on your volume and service expectations so that you can grow and expand within your calling support team so we balance our output with your operational capacity. We will look at all the factors and tailor workflow strategy while taking your company to the next level. 

Control Costs with Right Size Solutions

Trained Professionals That Are An Extension Of Your Team

Outbound calling strategies demand attention to detail to achieve the results for our clients programs. Training, listening and reviewing metrics to understand trends allows us to calibrate our pitch which is crucial to higher levels of success. The QCSS management team is focused on all the moving parts for our clients as an extension of your team.

Control Costs with Right Size Solutions

Stationary Design and Printing

QCSS can assist you in coordinating the creation and design of your stationary to prepare your letters, cards, postcards, envelopes and inserts prior to using our handwritten mail services. Your overall brand is always at the forefront of presenting an overall look , then adding the personal handwritten touch.

Control Costs with Right Size Solutions

Continuous Improvement

QCSS direct mail team collaborates with our client to add various technologies to measure the success of your hand written mailings in improve methodology, personalization and content so you can continue to achieve even higher open and response rates.

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