Delight Your Customers With Your Customer Service

July 2

Delightion. Sounds like a silly term doesn’t it?

It might be, but once you dive into the inbound marketing customer service support, it makes a bit of sense. You capture leads, convert those leads to customers, but then what? You want to retain them, right? So, in order to do that, delight them. 

But what does that actually mean? How do you get there? 

  1. Listen to Your Customers. 

Customers know what they want and need. You can’t second guess what a customer wants. The only way to find out what they want is to actually listen to them. You want your customers to keep coming back so make sure you listen to them. And in order to do that, you need to delight them with your listening and problem solving skills. 

2. Respond Promptly. 

Responding quickly is the key to customer service and retention. Your time is precious  so is your customer’s time. If a customer calls a vendor and does not hear a response, they may move onto another vendor. Many customers won’t give you a second chance.

3. Be Friendly. 

80% of customer service is just being nice. Maybe I am over-simplifying this a bit. A great customer service experience consists of two other elements: operations and quality of what you sell. That’s the other 20%. And, without that 20%, it doesn’t matter how nice you are. 

4. Focus on Resolving the Problem. 

If you don’t adequately address and resolve conflict, it can negatively impact customer retention, loyalty and brand awareness. Avoid and resolve conflicts in their early stages before they interfere with the relationship between you and your customer.

  • Allow customers to talk
  • Show you care
  • Use the correct tone
  • Focus

Don’t make matters worse for your customers by making them go through a never-ending IVR or not calling them back if the call drops.

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