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When customers call your business, they are seeking information and want someone to provide it in a timely fashion. Yet to facilitate a favorable customer service experience, call operators must practice good phone etiquette. Proper customer service etiquette should be practiced in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Whether you own a small or large organization, prompt, pleasant, and efficient service is what makes the difference. 

What is Customer Service Etiquette

Customer service etiquette refers to the comportment of your staff,  which is acceptable in the eye of the customer. It encompasses the expectations of the customer when they decide to interact with your business. This means that when customers call, they have a list of expectations. They expect to be catered to during the call. Apart from getting their issue resolved, their decision-making is also influenced by the attitude they receive over the phone. Therefore it is necessary to take action which will make a lasting positive impression.

Selecting the right B2B Call Center

A phone call is a perfect option for the customer who does not wish to have face-to-face interaction. Whoever answers the phone may serve as the first and only point of contact with your products or services. Also, interpretations of tone or diction may trigger positive or negative emotional responses from clients. Their emotional response is what determines how much business they actually do with your organization. For this reason, it is important to carefully select the right B2B Call Center. The right partner can handle large volumes of calls on your behalf. 

How Customer Service Etiquette Affects Small Businesses

It is impossible to do all the answering and calling you may have to do on a daily basis. Small business owners are usually misled into thinking that call centers won’t benefit their business. But customers just want someone to respond to their inquiries and provide the support they require. Plus call centers offer a variety of services that aren’t limited to just making or receiving calls. Thus, partnering with a B2B Call Center Agency can actually help in improving your customer service experience

5 Customer Service Etiquette Tips

The manner in which the phone is answered can either win or lose your potential prospects. These five tips about phone etiquette are sure to help you make a lasting impactful impression on your callers.

Be Responsive

Is your phone answered within three rings? Are you partnered with your B2B Call Center Agency? The call operators are there to man the phones. They should do so promptly to ensure your competitors don’t get the opportunity to steal their business away. Upon response, the caller is promptly informed of the telephone operator’s name and the business represented. That way clients will know, from the start, that they have the right place. Remember also, to speak clearly so that the client understands what is said and reduce unnecessary repetition.  

Avoid Interruptions

Sometimes the customer calls with a complaint. Do not interrupt while they relay their situation. Your selected B2B call operator is trained to listen to the entire problem even if the call is to be handed off to someone else. Active listening is practiced at this point whereby notes are taken and unscripted responses are supplied to address their concerns. When the call is transferred, the customer does not have to relay the situation from scratch. Their details are sent ahead to speed up the process. 

Know Your Buttons 

Although the telephone is a simple device to operate, it facilitates a complex process. Yet to use this device of communication efficiently, one must be aware of the function of various buttons and when to use them. Hold and transfer buttons are mastered to ensure a smooth transition between calls. Always inform the clients that they are going to be placed on hold. Then you seek a solution to rectify their situation. It would be rather unprofessional to press the phone against your chest while you seek clarification on the caller’s behalf. They may hear things that they shouldn’t. 

Also, inform the caller that they are being transferred to someone who can help them. Inform them before you transfer the call. There may be some wait time so, they should be informed. They may choose to call back, depending on the wait time. Remember, exemplary customer service etiquette encourages further business.

How To Answer The Phone Professionally 

Phone etiquette is what is your dialogue over the phone. Your tone and personal demeanor must be pleasant and professional. This also means keeping abreast of your callers’ pace. If they want to skip all the formalities and get straight to the point, then follow suit. But remain approachable and accommodating. If your caller is not native English, you may need to utilize a slower response. This will allow them the opportunity to understand what you are saying.

The language used must not include offensive slurs and jargon which could cost you a customer for life. Keep the language formal and refrain from making jokes which could be offensive to clients. Remain helpful, enthusiastic, polite, and ask for their permission before you take any action on their behalf.

How to Diffuse An Irate Situation

An irate customer can be a challenge. They are already upset when they call for assistance. However, the responder should be empathetic to the callers’ needs. Speak passionately to help soothe the client with phrases such as:

  • “You’re quite right to be upset…
  • “I’m so terribly sorry…
  • “Oh my, how terrible…

QCSS – Your B2B Call Center Agency

Your customer’s concern is a serious matter. They already expect to receive the assistance needed to defuse the situation. They will calm down on their own and wait to see how their situation will be resolved.

The fact remains that QCSS is the B2B Call Center Agency that will help in providing the customer service assistance needed to encourage customers to continue doing business with your organization. Are you ready to partner up with the right B2B Call Center? Contact us today!

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