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January 13

When was the last time you had a great customer experience? Do you remember what was great about it? Was it:

  • the automated robot voice that controlled your experience? 
  • the maze of numbers and options that never let you talk to a human? 
  • the 90 minutes you took trying to find an answer to one specific question that the company should have taken care of but for some strange reason, didn’t?

That was the exact real-life experience a colleague had the day after Christmas with a certain national mailing service. Customer Service Support is there to support customers, not make them want to abandon your organization forever. 

Let’s be honest now. Truthfully, do you cringe when you think of customer service?

If you are a consultant, executive or other professional that markets or sells products or services, this is for you. It is time to go beyond old ideas of Customer Service Support.

Customer Service is often treated as an expense and a necessary evil of doing business. However, good support is something that should come to the front of most leader’s minds.

At QCSS, we serve forward-thinking leaders who steward an organization’s long term success and longevity. Worldwide, organizations have failed their customers’ real needs by trying to save money by automating Customer Service Support. The problem is that the customer suffers. 

Customer Service Support professionals of the past have focused on practical customer service skills, including knowledge base documentation, responding to customers, providing product feedback, and conducting research.

What is called for during the next decade is to increase your team’s ability to empathize with customers as you launch and scale, so you deliver on the promise of your brand. Customer service is the other side of delivering your product. They go hand in hand. 

You already make your product great to purchase. Let’s look at what it takes to make your Customer Service Support, good, great, and even remarkable. Among many rules and tips for good customer service, there is one to rule them all.

Respect. The customer is always right, and it doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter if they’re right or not. You still have to give good customer service. You still have to treat them with respect. This is not the post office, with its maze of automation, lack of clarity, no access to people.

The Opposite of Respect Is humiliation.

While you can’t completely control your customer’s experience, you can do everything you can to systematically reduce the chances of a customer feeling humiliated. You know what it’s like to want to be happy with a product but need help, to want to connect with the heart of a business but feel slighted, or to need a simple answer but have your time wasted. What if you could do something to stop that pattern and make sure your customers never feel humiliated or rejected by a business they want and need?

If you want referrals, upsells, word of mouth to be positive, you need to cultivate respect through customer service support. 

So much bad customer service support is a symptom of a subtle – or significant – lack of respect.

Your strategies and systems stem from the root of respect. Your business may be in the business of solving problems, but are you and your organization aligned with fundamental respect? It could be wise to take this next step because respect is where many solutions start that allow your campaign to launch, scale, and profit sustainably. 

Respect for Your Customer’s Real Goals

A customer participates in the launch, buys the product or service, and is happy to make progress. But there is an obstacle in the way and they reach out to your Customer Service Support team.

What would create a good customer service support experience?

That customer needs to be seen and heard, understood and responded to in a timely way. She needs someone who listens to find out what is needed to overcome that obstacle.

The customers may be frustrated and treat your team members without respect.

You want to let them know you’re doing the best to help them. Sometimes they won’t like the answer, but you still want to give it to them in the best way you possibly can.

In order to launch or scale your call center campaigns, you need to plan for your Customer Service Support to serve your customers’ goals with respect and empower them to make decisions and execute flawlessly.

Respect for Your Customer’s Appreciation of Your Services

A customer starts off excited about your brand and promise and culture and values. During the launch or after the product or service is purchased, the customer remembers who your business is and in an ideal world, wants to make enthusiastic recommendations to friends and colleagues. But how will the customer share any problems they encounter? 

What would create a great customer service support experience?

The customer just wants a fix. Some customers, rich or poor, who think that bullying is the way to get their problem fixed. Others will have a kinder and more easy-going approach. No matter who is on the customer end of the phone, it’s you who decides WHO your organization will be on the phone. You shape the relationship through Customer Service Support, representing your whole company, brand, reputation, future, employees, income, everything. 

Give your customers a gold standard experience by partnering with a call center accountability partner who demonstrates measurable results. Build relationships and show your customers they matter. 

Respect for Your Customer’s Time, Energy and Money

A customer is well on their way implementing their plan because you got your product or service into their hands. Now, every day matters. Every hour. Every minute. They cannot afford mis-steps and it is painful to lose time and waste effort. If they need your help moving forward with their plan, can they get it without causing great stress? 

What would create a remarkable customer service support experience?

People want answers quickly. There are two basic ways to deliver service with speed. 

First, there is “One Touch” where your Customer Service Support is able to fix their issue while on the phone or computer. 

Second, there is “Escalation” where you can’t fix the problem at that moment, so you provide escalation.

People actually love to hear ‘I’ve escalated the issue.’ from Customer Service Support members. For example, imagine you are upset, in a hurry, but you hear a representative say with respect: “Now, I am not able to help you but let me find somebody who can. Let me escalate this for you.”

The surface problem isn’t solved, but the deep problem is. 

You’ve delivered respect.

You’ve made the customer matter.

Escalation feels like getting good service even if the answer isn’t immediate. 

As the gold standard of USA Based Call Center Agencies, we have worked with thousands of companies to get REAL results in their businesses from creating messaging for customer-focused call center campaigns and front line sales activities that yield positive brand equity and huge ROI year after year.

Message to schedule a call to discuss how we can grow your business through Customer Service Support.

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