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December 11

“Choosing the right call center for your business comes down to what your needs are. Learn as much as you can about the companies in the market, all the features they have to offer, and their pricing (including contract terms).” – The Business Journals; Twitter: @bizjournals

When finding a customer service team, the first thing you should be doing as a sensible entrepreneur should is put each potential company through a vetting process you yourself created. Ask yourself: 

  • What are your needs? 
  • What technical experience does the company in question require, to best assist your customer? 
  • Are you willing to provide specialized training? 
  • Do you plan on having a domestic or outsourced call center team? 
  • And perhaps most importantly, what’s your budget? 
  • How much are you willing to spend on customer service that is second-to-none?

For starters, it’s worth assessing the nature of the business you run. If it’s a highly technical business, customer service teams with a tech background are great places to look. However, if your business is, say, food distribution, it may be helpful to make sure that your potential call center is great at handling logistical issues, communicating with delivery companies, and food safety knowledge.

Is your business B2B, B2C, or both? Particularly in B2C businesses, having a customer support network with a strong background in soft skills is a must. Remember, a customer service agent is oftentimes the very first personal contact your customer will have with your brand. If your customer gets the sense that the person they’re dealing with doesn’t care, or is rude, that can very easily mean you just lost a profitable lead. However, if your customer service reps are trained to deeply listen, remain calm, and be polite, courteous, easygoing, and always solution-oriented—Your customer will be overjoyed to bring your brand business, over and over again. And who doesn’t love a good “brand evangelist”? Creating these brand evangelists isn’t merely about providing an excellent product, but also providing unmatched customer care for that product!

Most of all, remember that your customer is a human being, and they want to connect with another human being. Not just any human being, but a human being that cares deeply about their pain! So when vetting customer service agents, ask questions that get to the core of their empathy. Truly excellent customer service reps love what they do, because they’re problem-solvers—But more than that, they are addicted to the satisfaction of helping customers with problems that they couldn’t solve on their own. 

At QCSS, we pride ourselves on being a company based on connecting with customers in a way that is empathetic, human, and helpful. We’ve been in the game since 1991—Leading in industry trends, client benefit, and improvement based on results. We’ve been the best, and we just keep getting better… Which is why our motto is simply, to “Make Our Clients Profitable”!

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Established in 1991, QCSS Inc. is a network of multi-channel BPO customer contact centers specializing in inbound and outbound communications. We handle millions of interactions on behalf of our clients annually in our U.S. based contact centers. QCSS is dedicated to providing best-in-class services, to your customers, members, donors, partners, and prospects.

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