Be Grateful and Reward Loyal Customers

July 9

What can marketers do with their loyalty programs to earn greater trust, commitment and advocacy? 

Without a thriving customer base, a business will simply fall flat. But a thriving customer base is the hallmark trait of a successful business! These customers are the people who give you their money for your products or services—And ideally they’ll do that time and time again! It’s a simple matter of whether or not they’re happy and satisfied. 

So, for new and repeat customers alike, we have a few tips for demonstrating your gratitude for their business, that will keep them coming back for more!

1. Email Coupons and Special Offers

Some people may believe that coupons are only for the elderly or poorfolk. But the truth is, everyone likes getting a great deal on what they’ve shelled out their hard-earned money for! In fact…

  • 93% of consumers in the US say they consider offers and discounts when making buying decisions from particular brands (according to Criterio)
  • 85% of Americans use coupons (according to
  • 53% of Americans clip coupons to use at the store (according to Criterio)
  • 45% of Americans print coupons from online (according to Criterio)

Those are some very telling statistics. Customers love to save money — So give them just another reason to be an evangelist of your brand by giving them coupons and special offers.

2. Offer a Loyalty Program

A great way to both boost your sales and your customer satisfaction? Incentivize your customer choosing your brand with a loyalty program. Airlines have been doing this for years, with frequent flier miles, and it’s a great idea for your business too. Here’s why:

  • Integrating a loyalty program with your e-commerce platform can increase average order quantity by 319% (according to Incentive Solutions).
  • 75% of customers report they are more likely to make another purchase after receiving a loyalty reward (according to Wirecard).
  • 20% of your current customers will make up 80% of your company’s future revenue (according to Zinrelo).

As you can see, the statistics are in. Your customer wants to feel as valued by you as they value you — And integrating a loyalty program in your business is an excellent way to improve your revenue, too!

3. Use Social Media

Social media is the most monumental marketing tool since the invention of television. The power of social proof cannot be understated, because your best customer can also be your best salesperson. Building a customer culture or community is not only one of the best ways to market your brand, but it’s also an incredible opportunity for you to connect to your customers and provide even further value.

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