Attaining Great Customer Service Satisfaction

November 4

Customer service is a support activity performed in almost every organization with the motive of handling customer grievances and clarifying queries with the overall goal of enriching customer experience. It helps in building good company-customer relations by communicating with the customer through email, one-on-one phone calls, messaging, or through the company website. 

Good customer service enhances the goodwill of the company among the customers and leads to satisfactory purchases, indirect promotion, increased sales and positive feedback.


Clearly, customer service is a highly valued function of every business that serves as a point of human contact between the customer and the business. The customer’s perception of the business is shaped by the attitude displayed by the customer service representative of that company. It provides the companies a chance to build a good reputation with the customer and thus, generate brand loyalty. This is why choosing a customer service professional carefully is an important task for every organization. The company has to make sure that the service professional embodies the company values and has the necessary qualities for treating every person with the utmost respect.



It is important to pay heed to everything being explained by the customer about his issues with a product or service. Do not interrupt them. Allow them to complete and carefully understand the crux of their problem before suggesting solutions. Point out the problem as identified by you through their narrative. This will make them believe that the customer service representative is actually concerned about their problem. Note down any important points that could be used as valuable input for later.


It’s important to identify a customer’s state of emotions and allow them to vent out their anger before moving onto the issues faced by them. It’s important that the company representative sympathizes with the customer and takes responsibility for company faults and flaws. This makes the customer feel relieved and allows them to stay composed while the company professional guides them through the process of resolving their issue.


The customer service professional must have clarity when explaining the solutions or company policy. Information related to any aspect of a customer’s problem must not be missed out. This can lead to ineffective solutions and can leave a bad image. Educate yourself completely before passing on any information with surety. Remember, asking for some time to get back to them is not an issue as long as you’re coming up with the right explanation.


Treat every call or interaction as an opportunity to strengthen company relations with customers. Try to establish connection by relating with the customer’s state of mind. Do not be too dismissive of the customer’s words. Get them to open up and gain a hold of the situation. This proves to be beneficial for the company in the long run.


It’s important not to panic when the customer refuses to listen. Try to grab their attention when you see the window and explain how you are there to serve them. Try to calm them by explaining that the issue can only be resolved through mutual understanding. Explain how the company has resolved multiple similar issues in the past and how much the company values each and every customer. This can be effective to get customers to listen to what you have to say.

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