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July 22

Answering the phone is a serious business. 

The screen of your cell lights up in the darkness. You’re in a daze but the ringing persists. Who could it be? You don’t recognize the number but you answer. It’s an unfamiliar voice asking if you have a minute to spare to hear this quick pitch. In the mood you’re in, you’re about to blow this cheerful telemarketer away, when he asks, “How has your day been so far?” At that moment, time stops. A WILLING EAR? You talk about why you’re feeling so down and get some really great outlooks on things. Within the first five minutes, you feel loads lighter and guess what… Now you’re really interested in that ‘quick pitch’.

Appointment setting services provide your business with the telemarketer willing to pitch your product or service to gain, maintain or regain that client. An Appointment Setting Service provides a comfortable environment for your business to simply make and deliver the product and or service available. 

Appointment setting services usually increase sales through:

  • Cold calling
  • Generating & Converting Leads
  • Scheduling Qualified Appointments 
  • Assisting the company in the acquisition of clients

B2B Appointment Setting Services

Business to Business Appointment setting services allows your business to work directly with your selected appointment setting service provider. This appointment setting service provider may serve as your sales team. As such, the main purpose of an appointment setting service is to increase sales for your business. 

If however you already have a sales team, appointment setting services can do the cold calling to provide your sales team with warm leads and qualified appointments. The business relationship established between you and an appointment setting service can ensure that there is a steady stream of work for your business.

Lead Generation Appointment Setting

The central focus of lead generation is to convert interested potential clients into buyers of the product or service your business provides. Although this sounds like a simple enough process, it can be fruitful only when done properly. You must decide what sort of campaign you plan on developing with your appointment settling service provider. 

Do you wish for your selected service provider to:

  • Find and deliver warm leads
  • Convert leads into qualified appointments
  • Fill your sales funnel
  • Sort through potential clients to select important and fruitful ones
  • Compile lists of potential leads within a given industry
  • Assist in reaching and maintaining customer interest
  • Develop methods which distinguish you from the competition

Remember, to achieve success, your selected service provider must share the vision of your business. Also, they must be able to communicate effectively with potential clients to have them pay mind to your products or services. 

Sales Appointment Setting 

Does your business have a sales department? Are they bringing sufficient and qualified leads to your company? Do these phrases, “not interested”, “we’re already set” and “no thanks” demotivate your sales team? If your sales team is not generating the results your business requires for success and expansion, it’s time to consider sales appointment setting services. 

By hiring a B2B sales appointment setting service, you will have the time necessary to improve upon the quality of your service and product. Meanwhile, your selected business associate will drive sales your way, thus allowing your business to thrive. Your selected sales appointment setting team can assist with the following:


Keeping your customer information organized and accurate. It is easy for things to get jumbled and disorganized which can, in turn, result in costly mistakes. To facilitate your customers, you need to know who they are, what they want, and how your business can accommodate.


Your sales team will be inefficient if they have to find the leads, do the cold calls and close the deal for themselves. Too much time will be wasted finding and qualifying leads. With a sales appointment setting service, your sales team can focus on what matters most to your business – closing deals (making sales). They can spend their time providing the clients with the services and products they desire. This will produce positive results for your business. Clients will see your prompt and efficient service and even recommend your business to others. 

Beneficial & Cost-Effective

Sales Appointment Setting can be an innovative method to save useful business resources. The searching, hiring, interviewing, and training required can all be outsourced. While they handle the training of their telemarketers who will assist in the acquisition of clients, you are able to invest your money wisely where it will be most beneficial. 

Appointment Setting Companies

As the name suggests, appointment setting companies handle leads and get results. This takes quite a load off your business hands, for sure. Sit back, and wait for the warm leads to flood in? Before you commit your absolute faith in the first appointment setting companies who sound right, consider the following:

Type of Relationship 

What type of relationship do you wish to have with the appointment setting company you plan to select? If you plan on having a B2B relationship ensure you select a reputable company with experience. Quality service is a must, as clients respond better to non-manipulative tactics and gimmicks. Be mindful to select an appointment setting company that has the perceptiveness required to get your desired goals.


Although appointment setting companies can boost sales with the right approach, can you afford it? Ensure that you select packages which suit your needs. There are appointment setting companies that provide standard packages at a fixed rate or customizable packages. Assess your business needs and choose packages that are both suitable and affordable.

The Script

Remember that your business is being represented by your selected appointment setting company. Therefore you should provide an outline of a script that the telemarketers can use when reaching out for potential leads or clients. If your script is not suitable then the two of you can collaborate and decide to use a script yields the results you wish to achieve.

Progressive Movement

You can not be assisted by an appointment setting company that has poorly invested in its own growth and development. You need to select an associate with progressive ideas and actions. Choose an appointment setting company that invests in the necessary software and hardware to achieve success in finding leads and increasing sales for your business. Additionally, this selected company must be willing to utilize forward-thinking techniques and strategies to keep ahead of the competition.

Can you suggest another tip that one should consider before selecting an appointment setting service? We’d love to know what you’d suggest.

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