We provide Multichannel, Inbound Customer Support and Outbound Telesales, Appointment Settings, And Lead Generation Solutions.

Why Telemarketing?

Everyone in business uses telemarketing- it is one of the most essential & effective marketing tools available. According to the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) telemarketing yields the highest response rates compared to other conventional marketing tools.

If you are a company that is marketing or selling your products/services, you know that right now more than ever it is essential that you reach as many prospects as possible. Any marketing campaign can be costly, so make sure that when you are spending your hard earned dollars wisely. The higher the response rate- the more opportunities -the more opportunities- the more sales your company will close.

Telemarketing can be an excellent means for introducing your company to a new prospect, but it’s also an excellent way to follow up with new or current clients/customers. There are many great purposes and uses for telemarketing!

Anyone who is selling or marketing a product or service knows it can be very difficult to track and measure response rates with other marketing Medias. Is your piece getting to the correct person? Are they taking time to read and learn about your company? Does it prompt them to want to set up an introductory meeting? With Telemarketing your results are instant.

Why… Outsource?

Yes, we know that an outsourcing fee is higher than what you would pay an employee. However, when you calculate all the cost factors, and consider all the people and productivity issues, these are strong arguments for outsourcing.

Allow professionals with experience to turn decisions into actions

Free capital for research & development and advertising

Expand customer base

Forecast budgeting with fixed costs

Allows you to focus on core business

Increase sales and profits

Condense sales and service into one location

Reduced overhead expenses


When calculating payroll expense you must include all the payroll taxes, benefits, vacations, and possible new medical coverage, etc. The extra cost over the dollar-per-hour rate you pay employees can range from 10% to 50%.

Supervision of employees must be included as additional payroll expense. This task may be buried in the other tasks assigned to supervision, but it is still not cost-free. Plus, the absence of direct supervision of the telemarketing personnel will likely reduce productivity.

Add the cost of advertising, interview, and training every time someone has to be hired. How often do you go through this process? This series of steps is expensive and not much fun as you realize it is repetitive and not productive.

Telephone line charges, line availability, as well as equipment, furniture and floor space should also be a variable considered in your decision making process.

Predictive Dialing: Increase contact rates by 200% to 400% compared to manual dialing.

Predictive, Power, Preview, and Manual dialing settings are customizable by campaign.

Record fetching is set by campaign with multiple fetch criteria and order options.

Answering machine detection settings by campaign and by alternative number dialing plan.


QCSS has been a leader in the Call Center Industry for over 25 years. We are a trusted partner & source to align with, for all your Contact Center needs. We deliver results. Every aspect of our business from our Philosophy to our day to day operations, set us apart from other call centers.

Here are a few points that really make us stand out:

Our People

Experienced, educated, passionate, loyal professionals who understand our business & our clients’ business.

Our Culture

A fun, rewarding culture pushing ideals like accountability, respect, honesty, integrity, teamwork and more.

Our Training

Four level training program so that our agents are prepared for any mountain that may arise during the selling process. There is ongoing coaching, monitoring, and nurturing of all agents as well.

Our Process

Proven solid processes in place for every operational task/decision.

All of these elements come together to make QCSS – a truly dynamic call center, that has managed to be set outside the “standard view” of call centers. With all of these elements, we will help build your pipeline, revenues, and company by achieving maximized results.




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