” QUALITY is never an accident It is always the result of high intension, sincere effort, intelligent direction & skillfull execution.”

QCSS knows that training is the foundation of a successful campaign, and that training does not take place exclusively in the training room. Training is a continuous process that begins with fundamentals and philosophies, then expands with constant feedback & coaching and additional skills training relative to performance.

Thorough product knowledge and the ability to communicate the offer, within the specific program parameters are essential in producing successful results.

QCSS training curriculum is divided into four phases:

This training utilizes sales and service curriculum developed by QCSS, and customized to meet our clients specifications. We combine these four levels of training in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of necessary sales and service skills, to meet individual program parameters.


Internal Policies & Procedures

Initial training serves as an introduction to QCSS. The training specifically focuses on the review and understanding of company policies, procedures and the corporate philosophy behind the importance of always making a quality presentation at QCSS. All TSRs must complete the following training modules.


Contact Professional Skills Training

Each agent is trained on important skills & tips on how to be successful at QCSS and phone etiquette which is expected as part of our mission “Nurturing Relationships.” All of our agents receive training in the QCSS Way – our culture and philosophy of nurturing relationships.

The following areas are covered in this level of training:

Intensive voice training & speaking techniques

Patience & follow up

Call control & pace

Building Rapport

Probing for marketing intelligence

Gatekeeper Skills

Empowering yourself

Computer Training

The agents will each be given their own personal ID to log into our system and the trainer will go through a step by step process of the agent console.

These are some of the items they will learn:

QCSS and Client System Navigation

Navigating through the script

Onsite & offsite transferring and conferencing

Program updates & goals

Dispositioning calls

Sending instant emails & faxes through our dialing technology

Our predictive dialing technology

Call back manager

Program Training

The final step is program training. QCSS know the importance of our agents being trained first hand by our clients. We encourage & invite our clients to partake in the initial training. We invite them to come in and train at our facility, make a site visit to theirs, or train via phone conference. All of our agents will always receive pre-training before they actually receive program training. They will have already looked at the script, visited our clients website, gone through FAQs and will have questions ready for the training.

Program training includes:

Introduction to company

FAQs- so their product knowledge will provide a seamless extension

All script components including email now pieces that are sent to prospects

Client Interaction

Qualifiers that must be set in order to be a solid lead/appointment/sale

Goals & expectations

All products & services company sells

Contact person & title they will be going after

Client Interaction Etiquette

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After classroom training, agents will break into groups and do intensive role-playing. They will spend an hour role-playing back & forth, asking questions, and practicing situational rebuttals. The group will reconvene to discuss findings or areas where we can be creative. Input and additional FAQs are added to the list.

Agents will spend more time shadowing agents on the program, so they can see & hear firsthand both sides of the conversation, from an experienced representative – gathering tips and confidence.

The last step in their training will be completed with a written quiz about the program, so we are assured that they retained the necessary information to be successful. From there, the rep is ready to launch. But again, the agents are never done with training- there is always more to learn. Ongoing training is a vital part of the whole process.