” QUALITY is never an accident It is always the result of high intension, sincere effort, intelligent direction & skillfull execution.”

Q-Quality Assurance concentrates on the capturing and analysis of sales & service data and feedback in order to provide QUALITY service for our clients. As part of our commitment to partnership we invite all feedback from not only our agents but from our clients. We have an entire team dedicated to quality assurance to make sure that every piece of data you receive is nothing less than perfect. From call recordings, live conversations and emails to call data our team will make sure that you are getting 100% QUALITY work.

We make quality a priority.

Daily live monitoring of all agents on all programs with immediate feedback
QA project management communication daily as required
Refresh trainings
Test calls daily to all media lines to ensure lines are live
Weekly QA calls to all clients – feedback, findings, partnership of sharing ideas
Live call processing statistics available to operations, supervisors, trainers, QA and management
Forecasting for volume analyzed- daily, weekly, monthly & by hour
Updates & new information for call processing daily to agents
Mystery callers from training to ensure knowledge and ability to handle difficult situations and resolutions rating calls
Detailed data inspections throughout the day
Agent goals set for average call time monitored for quality & efficiency for continual improvement
Coaching live by instant messaging to reps
Agent evaluations weekly on performance & metrics
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