Firing up new leads, staying top of mind with current customers, and getting your sales team hitting on all cylinders are never simple. We're QCSS. We've got the chops, the team, and the tech to make it happen.
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Hello Simplicity.  Hello Sales ROI.

QCSS touches every step in your customer’s journey with services that simplify your front-office, reduce your bottom line, and crank up your top line. 

From acquiring and retaining customers, members, or donors to training and supporting your team, QCSS has you covered at every customer touchpoint.

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We Help Business, Associations, and Nonprofits
Develop and Keep
Customers, Members, and Donors.

Tee Up New Business

Is winning new customers, members, or donors stretching your team to the limit?

Tap into QCSS Inbound & Outbound Call Center and Fractional Sales Development services. The result? We do the heavy lifting. Your bottom line grows.

Gain More leads

Your Base

Consistent follow up and care are key to retaining your base.

Our Customer Care team will run consistent programs to keep your customers, members, and donors just as engaged as when they first signed on with you. The result? Profit grows when your base grows.

Plug The Leaks

Beef-up Your Sales Team

Selling is harder than ever. Prospects are elusive. Competition is fierce.

QCSS Sales Training will activate the superstar in every person on your team with the expertise, discipline, and confidence to shine in an ultra competitive market. Get your sales team hitting on all cylinders.

Upskill My Sales Team

Tee up new
customer acquisition

Talk to the right prospects, more often


Challenges acquiring new business in today’s market.

  • Prospects harder to reach than ever
  • Huge time suck for your sales team
  • Wasting time kissing a lot of frogs

  • Lead generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Inbound Order Processing
  • Customer Inquiries
  • Outbound Solicitation
  • Prospect Demonstrations
  • Event Registration
Results: All your numbers go up, when you get that first call with a qualified prospect.
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Retain Your Base

Stop the churn. Start to earn.


Customers often leave because they feel taken for granted, yet great customer care is cost-intensive.

  • Failure to communicate renewals
  • Spotty comms around product updates
  • Nobody is showing them the love

  • New Customer Welcome
  • Proactive Customer Check-in
  • Renewal Calls 
  • Upselling
  • Customer Service
  • Handwritten Thank You Notes

Results: Higher retention and higher profit margins from consistent Customer Care programs that keep your base just as engaged as when they first signed on with you.

Retain More

Beef Up Your Sales Team

Imagine your sales team; all superstars.


The best sales teams follow a well-structured sales process, but getting there can be expensive.

  • High cost of training
  • Training that doesn’t stick
  • Consistently losing the business to the big guys

  • Sales Mastery™ for Teams
  • Sales Mastery for Entrepreneurs
  • Sales Mastery for Consultants
  • Sales Leadership Development
  • Sales Consulting
  • Sales Coaching

Results: Since 2001, Sales Mastery has helped over 1,000+ salespeople gain expertise, discipline, and confidence to excel in their careers and to add millions in growth to the businesses they work for.

More Sales

Case Study

Industry: Manufacturing
Company: US operations of a Japanese contract manufacturing firm.
Client: Director of Marketing


Our client’s objective is to retain its current customer base. A key tool in their strategy is an online design engineering platform that adds significant benefits for their clients in terms of design accuracy and order processing.


An Engagement Campaign to introduce customers to the value of the new design platform through live 1 on 1 demonstrations and prompts to use the tool on any projects in active design phase.


The QCSS campaign drove high adoption of the tool, including new contract manufacturing orders that followed. This manufacturer is looking to expand this successful campaign.


From Great Lead to Customer Advocate

Yes, we deliver leads. Yes, we help you convert them. Yes, we help you retain them. Yes, we help turn them into advocates for your business. Our solutions cut across all your development needs.


Call Services


Call Services


Direct Mail Solutions







When you outsource with us you have access to:

When you partner with us you get access to the strategy, talent, technology and skilled management team essential to ensure every interaction for your brand is handled to your specifications. By leveraging a team like QCSS you can have a trusted partner that can help stabilize, grow and exceed seamlessly in all areas of your company.
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  • An Immediate Talent Pool
  • Expert Management Team To Consult on Strategy
  • Program Management & Oversight
  • A Dedicated Extension Of Your Team
  • Reliability & Consistency
  • Inbound & Outbound Service Multi-Channel Capabilities
  • Dedicated and Blended Agent Solutions
  • Rapid Project Deployment
  • Intelligent Analytics
  • Increased Results
  • Robust Technology Systems
  • A customized plug and play model that gets RESULTS!
  • 30+ Years Of Experience!

QCSS Bolsters Front-office Support Service Capabilities with Acquisition of SalesGig

Quality Customer Service & Sales (QCSS), a 33-year leader in the Front-office Business Process Outsourcing industry, is pleased to announce the successful acquisiTon of SalesGig, a technology leader in Outsourced Lead GeneraTon. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in QCSS’s ongoing commitment to helping our Business, AssociaTon, and Nonprofit clients achieve world class top-line results.

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All the Way From Great Lead to Customer Advocate

Yes, we deliver leads. Yes, we help you convert them. Yes, we help you retain them. Yes, we help turn them into advocates for your business. Our solutions cut across all your development needs.
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Generating new leads is harder than ever. Our Inbound and Outbound programs emphasize quality and result in lasting relationships. 

  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Fielding Customer Inquiries
  • …more

Sticky Relationships

Well done. You got the sale. Now you need to keep the customer. Our current customer programs do just that. Show them the love.

  • Welcome Campaign
  • Check-in / Upsell Programs
  • Renewal Programs
  • Appreciation Campaign
Foster Relationships

Up Your
Sales Game

You’ve got growth on your mind and need more sales muscle. Yep, we do that too, helping teams or individuals sell more than they thought possible.

  • Sales Consulting
  • Sales Training
  • Sales Coaching
  • Sales Leader Development
Up My Sales

Your Sales. Easy. And We Make You Look Good.