6 Essential Skills To Look For In Your Customer Care Staff

June 17

A successful business does not clearly happen overnight. You should be able to provide your customers with the types of products and services that meet their needs. 

From the traditional call center to a contact center, organizations can now attend to their customers’ inquiries and issues via several communication channels. 

Take note of these six essential skills in looking for the right candidates to handle your customer service: 


A good customer service agent should be empathetic. Empathy is having the ability to understand another person’s emotions and point of view. Your customers’ emotions are one big driving factor in their purchase decisions, apart from how they are treated.

Excellent communication skills

Your agent should be able to clearly communicate what your products and services can offer to your customers. Since they are your customers first point of contact, they should be able to explain complex solutions in a manner that can be easily understood by customers.

Problem solving skills

Part of an agent’s role is to provide the right solutions to each customer’s problem or issue. In most cases, customers tend to self-diagnose their issues incorrectly. It is the responsibility of an agent to identify what went wrong and offer the correct solutions to solve the problem. 

Listening skills

Effective listening is important so agents can properly understand why customers are reaching out for customer service. It is also essential for agents to let customers know that they are paying attention to what they are saying.


Every customer is different, more so, customers will not usually have the same issues, problems, or questions.  Another thing is that, with today’s omnichannel services, customers may reach out via different communication channels.

Customer service agents must be flexible in dealing with different types of customers and situations.


Agents should also be able to remain calm and cool in stressful situations like dealing with angry customers. In some cases, there will be circumstances where customers would throw insults or shout out of frustration.

Good customer service isn’t just about possessing these essential skills. Proper and consistent training is vital in improving your staff’s skills and capabilities. You should also be able to acknowledge your agents’ efforts and hardwork, this will help encourage them to do well, learn more and perform effectively.

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