6 Brilliant Telemarketing Tips That Work

August 5

Usually, larger corporations outsource their telemarketing teams to ensure quality and expertise. However, if you’re looking for a career as an expert telemarketer, this article is for you. 

Here are the top tips for a successful telemarketing call.

1. Learn from feedback

Feedbacks are the perfect opportunity to find out the skills you should work on. How you react to feedback and criticism says a lot about you and your work ethic. When faced with negative feedback, always hold your head up and promise to do better and work on your flaws to be the best telemarketer you can be.

2. Always end a call politely

Secure the prospect’s interest and commitment. Thank them for their time and set up a follow up or meeting with a representative. Always consider the prospect’s schedule and ask for the most convenient time and day for them.

3. Build rapport

Use their name, mirror their language, and never interrupt. Building a rapport with the prospect helps them feel at ease. Be confident, honest, and ask the right questions. Asking open questions encourages the person on the other line to talk. From there, you can find more information.

4. Be prepared for the other person’s response

Be prepared for wherever the phone call is going. You should know what to say when the prospect says yes, no, or maybe. Never call unprepared for objections. Further, read between the lines of what the prospect is saying. There may be opportunities there that you may miss.

5. Plan a call structure

Plan a call structure to not get confused and lost on the call. Come up with an attention-grabbing and interesting introduction, a great body, and a thought-provoking ending. There may be inevitable moments where you’ll go off the script, but having a structure makes it easier to wrap up the call.

6. Set realistic targets.

Unrealistic targets and expectations will only result in a negative mood and feeling of incompetence. Instead, consider your experience and your market then make attainable goals. Stay motivated and passionate about your product or service. It definitely helps.

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