5 Customer Service Tips That Will Help You Retain More Customers

May 13

Customer service isn’t just a buzzword. When done right, it works to attract, retain, and convert more customers. 

– Scott Miraglia, CEO, Elevation Marketing

The truth is, any business is only as successful as its success in making its customers happy. What this means is that without a satisfied client base, there’s no business to be conducted. On the flipside though, one surefire way to know you have satisfied clients is to turn them into repeat clients–Which is why we’ve compiled this list of our favorite 5 customer service tips for retaining the clients you’ve worked so hard to create! 

Tip #1: Customer service is all about the experience

It comes as no surprise that customers want the best experience they can get. Not just with your product, but when they reach out to you about problems with that product that they might have! 

This is why it’s so important to design your customer service experience directly from their point of view. How long will your customer be willing to stay on hold to have their issue resolved? How do they want to feel before, during, and after being on phone with one of your CSRs? 

No matter what you choose to do, remember: Always aim to surprise and delight. 

Tip #2: Provide relevant, easy-to-find information via multiple touchpoints

Your modern customer is going to be on multiple platforms–So ask yourself how you can reach them on as many of those platforms as you can. A knowledge base from your website empowers your customers to find solutions on their own, especially when paired with online community forums built around your brand. Make sure your website is easily-accessible by ranking on the first page of Google via great SEO, and by claiming your domain on your business listing as well. Ultimately, your customers don’t want to spend a great deal of effort figuring out where to find you, and new prospects simply won’t find you if you’re not ranking first in search engines.

Tip #3: Ensure rapid response times to all requests

One of our big mottoes at QCSS is “Answer the call”. What this means is providing quick, efficient, and hassle-free response times to your customer’s needs. In today’s world, no customer wants to spend half an hour on hold, listening to call waiting music! So instead, offer automated callback service if your call volume is above average.

For simple questions, AI-based chatbots offer an economical and time-efficient way for your clients to get answers, and having fast human email support minimizes the amount of time a client might normally spend on the phone.

Tip #4: Rapid deliveries and easy returns

Online retailers like Amazon have set a new standard for shipping and returns, so it’s important to remember that 1-2 day delivery times are now what customers have come to expect. Why pay for quick shipping and restocking fees, when these things can be had for almost free? This is one way to “Keep up with the Joneses” and make sure your customers come back again and again.

Tip #5: Establish trust

Trust is a huge bottom line, and there’s really only one way to establish it: Relationships. Your customers want to feel like you’ve got their back at every turn. The way to make them feel this way? Having customer service that exceeds every expectation they have. Offer 24/7 service, and have a team that truly cares about the experience of the customer. In doing this, relationships are built, trust is won, and customers for life are created.

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