Our B2B phone answering service is designed for businesses that need to be accessible 24/7. We employ highly trained, professional staff that is familiar with your industry and ready to answer all your calls. We also offer live chat support, email support, social media support, and much more!

Customers experiencing real-time problems require real-time responses! Imagine that you’re a customer experiencing difficulty with a purchase and you require immediate assistance. Warranties are for a limited time and you hope to not forfeit such an opportunity. At this moment, you require a phone answering service that can connect you to the solutions you require ASAP! To keep one’s service or a product relevant in today’s economy, one must be willing to forever improve upon their business. Let’s look at five of these benefits. Select the phone answering service which can cater best to your business needs.

Increase Customer Service Satisfaction

Customers appreciated feeling valued. As such, communication with the customer can be facilitated with a business answering service. Your business relationship begins with captivating your customer’s interest but does not end with the purchase of the product. This is clearly seen when positive or negative reviews are given to rate a product or a service. Research suggests that 80% of customers return to do business after a great phone experience. It is, therefore, necessary to increase customer service satisfaction with a phone answering service that delivers results! 

Improve Business Customer Service Reputation

A carefully selected B2B phone answering service can greatly enhance your customer experience. The fact is with the magnitude of people out there ready to do business. You’ll benefit most from a phone answering service that can handle that volume of calls daily. What is a happy customer? One who gets his/her call answered by someone who understands and can provide the prompt and efficient assistance required. Did you know that 72% of customers share their good customer experience with others?

Once your customers are happy they gladly share, often through word of mouth, about their experience. Having the right B2B phone answering service simply allows for great customer service thus improving the reputation of your business. A positive boost in reputation with surely help to increase your customer base. Knowing that the customer service received via phone CAN provide solutions, grants you peace of mind.

Update Client Records

As said previously, one sale opportunity is not the end. You want repeat customers to keep your business growing! Therefore you need to keep records of your customers who make it possible to keep your products and services necessary. Do you have the time or manpower to keep up with a rapidly growing customer base? 

For this reason, a business answering service becomes a necessity. Think of the increased revenue your business can acquire with the right B2B phone answering service. Plus this B2B answering service can also keep excellent records. This will, in turn,  help keep your business records up to date to help make informed and timely decisions about customer trends.

Don’t look upon your business answering service as an in-house receptionist. You have a whole team of internal receptionists waiting to assist your customers. The right B2B phone answering service has the most efficient tools, training capabilities, and personnel to handle the job. 

Unique Brand Identity 

What separates your product or service from the multitude out there? Your brand must be unique. It needs to stand out and grab the attention of the customers you wish to target. Gaining their interest is just the first step. Allowing calls to remain within an 8 to 4 gap or go unanswered will have dire consequences. 

Many businesses invest in great tech to improve the virtual customer experience. It is estimated that by 2020, 85% of businesses will have customer interaction with a completely automated process. In so doing, they underestimate the value of customers who wish to interact with someone who can cater directly to them. 

Yet the same fate does not await your business with the right B2B phone answering service. However, a B2B phone answering service that runs 24/7 ensures that your customers are constantly in touch with someone who can help. In today’s highly automated environment, the right B2B can add that extra bit of uniqueness to what you already provide.

How can a B2B phone answering service help you close more deals?

Can you imagine the amount of business that is lost when customers who call hang up in frustration? Perhaps a customer wants to make a purchase but needs someone to help them weigh their options. This allows them to make an informed decision. The right B2B phone answering service can help your business to close more of those deals. 

It is through no fault of yours. You are only one person. With a team of individuals answering the calls of your customers, you can further improve upon your product or service. Allowing your business answering service to provide excellent customer service to your customers will prove beneficial for further innovation.

Other B2B phone answering service include:

  • Appointment setting
  • Handling FAQs
  • Handling outbound and inbound calls
  • Transferring calls to the right department personnel
  • Keeping customer records
  • Cold calling and so much more.

QCSS B2B phone answering service Partner

All of these help significantly in keeping your business on track and closing those deals. Otherwise, they would have fallen through the cracks with the busy schedule fueling your business.

The time is now. Improve your customer service experience with the support of the B2B phone answering service. Choose a partner interested in helping your business excel. Contact us today for further details!