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Marketing funnels, emails, posts, blogs, and so many other virtual parchments are making an impact in the real world. Wouldn’t it be great to have a virtual sales assistant who makes an increase in sales possible? The drive for most companies is to gain full automation by 2020. Automation does sound attractive, especially when considering the cost benefits. However, the human element necessary for sales can not be replicated by automation and robotics. This is why the support provided by a virtual sales assistant would be an asset to any business.

Virtual Sales Assistant For Small Business Owners

A virtual sales assistant is someone who helps you to target the people who are interested in a product or service offered. They are equipped with tools that allow them to locate the best leads using a variety of platforms. Keeping sales opportunities available for the business they work for is their central focus. 

The virtual sales assistant also performs a variety of tasks which include making outbound calls on the business’ behalf, handling FAQs and much more. A small business owner would surely experience an increase in sales with the right assistance. A virtual assistant can easily navigate through the virtual aspects of your sales while you handle the real world deliveries of excellence. 

Benefits Of A Sales Virtual Assistant 

There are several benefits which a company may experience while utilizing the assistance of a virtual sales assistant. These benefits include:

  • Increase Sales Without Sacrificing Quality

Your company’s customers shall experience the human touch desired without the high annual salary to match. Additionally, your company does not have the responsibility of training or providing the equipment necessary to the virtual sales assistant. Yet your callers will gain the experience of an in-house sales representative, for a fraction of the cost.

Also, because the sales are done using virtual means, your company has access to a team of virtual members who are ready to assist. This helps with the absenteeism, vacations, sickness, and lateness of an on-site receptionist which actually costs your business revenue.

  • Human Touch Can Help Create Customer Loyalty

Some of the technology being used to, for example, improve sales funnels and navigate through social media platforms may seem challenging. Additionally, the drive of many businesses toward automation has significantly reduced human interaction. The human element allows the customer to connect to someone who can provide the discussion to fuel the interest and ultimate sale.

Many companies underestimate the value of human interaction in developing trust and customer loyalty. Yet with the assistance of the right virtual sales assistant, your business is able to provide that human element which is on a significant decline. 

  • Potential Sale With Every Answered Call

In order to deliver excellence in the virtual arena, one must ensure that they are trained and up-to-date with the software and tools necessary. This is usually a rather costly venture. However, a virtual sales assistant’s training is not your concern, but you will surely benefit from expertise. 

Their training and tools allow virtual sales assistants to easily cater to customers calling requirements. They know that with each answered call exists the potential to sell your company’s product or service. Your company’s virtual sales assistant will do the cold calling, return calling and scheduling for you. Thus ensuring that you are reminded of the benefit of your virtual sales assistant to your company.

  • Focus On Your Improving Your Business

On a day to day basis, challenges emerge which have to be swiftly dealt with to avoid negative domino effects. However, with the right assistance, these challenges can be addressed to make provisions for the sales made. Finding sales for your product or service does not have to steal your company’s focus. 

This is by far, one of the most important benefits of a virtual sales assistant. Your company gets the opportunity to do what needs to be done while your customer base grows. You will surely need that time to ensure that you maintain a superb quality product and service. While you scale your business, your virtual sales assistant can handle the sales aspect with the determination and enthusiasm necessary.

Using Sales Virtual Assistants As Flexible Support

Customers may be amazed to know that there are many business owners and staff who enjoy chatting with their customers. This is a welcoming experience when schedules and time frames are favorable. Yet, this is not always possible. In such cases, a virtual sales assistant can also perform as a backup solution when the pace at the office is too busy to cater to high volumes of calls. Virtual sales assistants provide flexible support when:

  • Agents could have their calls routed to a virtual sales assistant after ringing twice. That way the customer gets to be greeted by someone who is willing to assist rather than a recording or voicemail. 
  • When members of your sales team are sick, on leave or vacation virtual sales assistants can easily pick up the slack. 
  • Provide services that adapt to suit the needs of the company utilizing their assistance.
  • Do the calling and convincing necessary to convert each potential client to an actual one.

Do you think that your company could benefit from the assistance of a virtual sales assistant? Contact us today for further details.

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