10 Call Center Leaders Share the Most Effective Ways to Boost Contact Center Efficiency

July 23

“The best way for contact centers to increase efficiency is trust.”

-Vincent Nero @Successories

For owners, contact center efficiency is a common issue to have at various stages in business growth. Efficiency is also directly correlated with the reduction of overhead costs, which makes it a major challenge to overcome.  Managing sudden staff turnover, boosts in demand, and other typical issues just makes things more difficult for those who oversee the process of creating efficient, productive, and effective teams.

Boosting Contact Center Efficiency 

To help you make your contact center more efficient, we’ve created this list of tips, tricks, and guidance from leaders in the BPO industry, and included their Twitter handles.  Take a look!

Jeff Greenfield — @C3metrics

“Key components in increasing the efficiency of contact centers include Live Call Monitoring, Coaching, and Inter-agent chat. Being able to monitor calls and have the instant support of other more seasoned agents give newer agents a sense of security and confidence. Confidence in employees increases efficiency.”

John Rydell — @PhoneBurner

“There is nothing worse than receiving a sales call with a long awkward pause before a connection is made. Not only is it a strange way for a conversation to start, but it wastes the time of your prospect and the time of your sales agent. Eliminating this delay on every call by using a dialing software is a sure-fire way to cut down on inefficiency throughout the work day.”

Ben Friedman — @helloallset

“The Key to having the most effective contact center is one word…. HIRING.  Hiring the right people, with the right attitude, outlook, and demeanor will always have the biggest impact on how efficient your contact center can be. If you have the right people on the team, you can easily implement processes (many of which will come directly from the people you hired) and have employees that enjoy their work.”

Paul Faust — @RingBoost

“Increasing the efficiency of your contact center is as easy as using your wealth of customer data to give contact center reps every opportunity to connect with their callers. One of the most common complaints about contact centers is that the customer has to repeat their problem to multiple agents. Make sure you have software in place that gives all agents access to the same customer information, then give them the training they need to use it quickly and efficiently. Cutting out repetitive conversations will alleviate most customer service complaints and allow your agents to focus on resolving the issue at hand.”

Nabahat Shanza — nabahatShanzA

“To sustain within the competitive setting, it’s necessary for call centers to introduce. Quality call monitoring is one such observation that has not solely helped management in understanding clients’ demand; however, it has been the key to success towards better customer service and decreasing operational value. With call monitoring, managers have the ability to obtain insights from the continued call and get reassurance that the expected principles are met. Further, the insights are often used for analyzing continued trends within the market and those related to areas for improvement.

Lisa Chu — BlacknBianco

“As someone who has used a contact center in the past, I know there is always room for improvement. From my past experience, a lot of my customers were frustrated with the agent and their inability to solve their issue, which resulted in lots of transferred calls and long wait times. This could have been easily improved by identifying the reasons customers are contacting my business – sorting and transferring calls based on the reason of contact. It would send my customers to the correct agent every time, improving the wait time and efficiency of the contact center. Using feedback also helps the contact center monitor the effectiveness of the agent and their ability to satisfy the customer. It would help detect any issues with the agent and offer managers a way to communicate any issues directly with the agent.”

Bill Dettering — _zingtree

“The biggest issue with contact center efficiency is turnover. Since contact centers are notorious for high turnover, quickly onboarding new agents and making sure they follow company procedures is a huge issue. This is even more critical for BPOs. Interactive agent scripts from Zingtree solve this problem.

Presented in a step-by-step, interactive format, agent scripts built with Zingtree guide contact center reps through every step of a call, so they always know exactly what to say (and when to say it). With built-in analytics and reports, managers can track agent performance to improve effectiveness all around. Agents can also send feedback directly to script authors to further improve processes.”

James Pollard — theadvisorcoach

“The best thing that you can do to increase efficiency at a contact center is to implement continuous training. Most centers do front-end training and that’s pretty much it. They don’t do anything else except maybe monitor a few calls and give some feedback.

When it comes to contact centers, a huge amount of money is lost when someone has an undeveloped skill. If someone is making a mistake for two months waiting for his/her quarterly coaching session, thousands of dollars can be lost. Continuous coaching and training helps mitigate this risk.”

Kolin Porter — HigherEdGrowth

“One of the biggest strains on contact center efficiency? Too many portals. Many agents end up with multiple tabs open on their screens, flipping between them to complete the inquiry generation process. This juggling act severely impacts lead quality and quantity. Average handling times (AHT) increase. Errors happen. Compliance missteps occur. Customer service diminishes.

So much of contact center efficiency hinges on using the right technology. It’s crucial that contact centers implement a tool that pulls in all of the necessary portals and processes into one simplified platform.”

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